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Challenges in corneal refractive surgery


Optimize clinical outcomes through statistical analysis

Clinical Challenge

Achieve consistent treatment outcomes

Outcomes of laser refractive surgery are affected by a number of variables relating to the laser, surgeon, operating room environment, patient population, and patient demographics.1 Adjusting the treatment plan to compensate for these differences will help optimize refractive results and therefore patient satisfaction.

Clinical Solution

Use nomogram to improve outcome predictability

Use of personalized nomograms generated by statistical analysis of a surgeon’s own historical pre- and postoperative data account for differences in variables that affect refractive outcomes and has recognized value for improving the predictability of refractive procedures and reducing enhancement rates.1

Optimizing clinical outcomes for patients with presbyopia

Glenn Carp

ZEISS Solution

All-in-one Refractive Data Analysis and Nomogram Development Tool

ZEISS VISULYZE® is an all-in-one software program providing comprehensive data analysis for nomogram development. Featuring a simple, intuitive interface, it provides a clear overview of clinical results and generates surgeon-customized nomograms. Its use helps surgeons stay in control of their refractive laser’s overall performance and take another step towards increasing treatment outcome predictability and patient satisfaction.

Image of ZEISS VISULYZE on monitor


The software VISULYZE® from ZEISS provides a clear overview of your clinical results and generates nomograms customized to each user with a simple and intuitive interface

  • Create personalized nomograms with options for filtering data by surgeon, device, treatment type and more.
  • Export nomograms as look-up tables or apply for individual treatment planning.
  • Increase outcome predictability for ZEISS Refractive Lasers.

Comprehensive workflow to make treating presbyopia your new standard of care

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