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Challenges in corneal refractive surgery


Start treatment with
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Clinical Challenge

Start the Laser Blended Vision treatment safely and efficiently

How to introduce the treatment of Laser Blended Vision safely and efficiently into clinical practice can be a question for surgeons new to this procedure. Introducing a new treatment option into the clinic presents the challenge of shortening the learning curve, standardizing procedural steps, and increasing efficiency of the operation.

Clinical Solution

Adopt a proven platform and connected system

Experienced LASIK surgeons will find it easy to implement PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision because the treatment steps are the same as for LASIK procedures. Choosing laser devices with proven performance and short treatment time enables surgical efficiency and consistent outcomes. Streamlining clinical workflow through adopting a digitally connected system that integrates diagnostic devices, planning software, and treatment lasers speeds up practice and operating room efficiency.

Illustration of ZEISS VISUMAX® 800 and ZEISS MEL® 90 together with a white background
ZEISS Solution

ZEISS integrated workflow with digital connectivity

Digital connectivity between the ZEISS VISUMAX® 800 femtosecond-laser, ZEISS MEL® 90 excimer laser, and ZEISS Refractive Workplace software (as part of ZEISS FORUM®) provides surgeons with the convenient ability to plan surgery remotely, ensures consistent data management, and streamlines workflow to increase efficiency.

Treating patients with presbyopia during corneal refractive surgery

Andrea Russo

Image of ZEISS VISUMAX 800 with a white background


State-of-the-art femtosecond laser with high speed and precision for fast and consistent flap cut.

  • Very fast cutting speed & flap creation in approximately 5 seconds
  • Smart robotic assistance, including cyclotorsion and centration aids to improve precision and control in surgical procedures 
  • Shared patient supporting system with MEL 90 for easy repositioning of the patient for PRESBYOND treatment
  • Digitally connected and embedded in the ZEISS ecosystem
Image of ZEISS MEL 90 on a white background


Excimer laser technology enables LASIK based treatments of presbyopic patients with PRESBYOND

  • Connectivity: workflow-optimized compatibility
  • Fast ablation speed: shortened treatment time with one of the fastest excimer laser ablation speeds on the market (up to 1.3 seconds/diopter)

Comprehensive workflow to make treating presbyopia your new standard of care

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