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Shaping oncology workflows of tomorrow

Considering your ever-changing challenges, we have reinvented the classic INTRABEAM® platform for the oncology demands of tomorrow – to support your daily needs, no matter how big the challenge.

Representing the next significant milestone in modern oncology’s fight against cancer, the new ZEISS INTRABEAM 7001 now offers:

  • Robotic-assisted Precision
  • SMART Workflow Efficiency 
  • Seamless Connectivity
  • Icon Robotic-assisted Precision

    Robotic-assisted Precision

    with ergonomic touch controls  

    With the new ZEISS INTRABEAM SMART Stand, we now offer two customized clinical application modes that can be controlled through ergonomic touch buttons:

    • Fast movement mode for rough positioning of the X-ray source in the surrounding area with an increased movement speed.
    • Slow movement mode for approaching the vicinity of the target area and inserting the applicator into the tumor bed with reduced movement speed.

    Additionally, robotic stand dynamics and active vibration damping are now also integrated in the ZEISS INTRABEAM SMART Stand.

  • Icon SMART Workflow Efficiency

    SMART Workflow Efficiency

    with digital-first architecture

    ZEISS INTRABEAM 700 is equipped with a new modern and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and the latest version of the well-known treatment planning simulation software RadianceTM.2

    The new single-use ZEISS SMART Spherical Applicators now include RFID technology which allows digital-assisted applicator recognition and management. They come together with the ZEISS INTRABEAM Spherical Sizer Set.

    Moreover, the new ZEISS INTRABEAM SMARTDRAPE can now be used with the AutoDrape® function and the set-up is completed by the now also integrated AutoBalance function.

  • Icon Seamless Connectivity

    Seamless Connectivity

    with real-time communication

    ZEISS INTRABEAM 700 offers wireless PACS connection for the direct communication with your hospital information system.

    The embedded RFID technology facilitates an automated applicator verification between ZEISS INTRABEAM SMART Stand and Workplace in real-time.

    Furthermore, cloud-based synchronization services for calibration file transfer and ZEISS Smart Services are available via ZEISS Cloud connection.

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    510(k) pending, not for sale within the US.  

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    Radiance is a registered trademark of GMV Innovating Solutions S.L., Spain. Currently 510(k) pending.