Large Area Imaging Using Atlas on your ZEISS SEM

A ZMCC SkillBuilder Workshop

10:00 am - 1:30 pm PST

Workshop Overview & Agenda

Atlas 5 is ZEISS’s high-throughput acquisition platform that extends the capability of your ZEISS SEM. Automated large area imaging is performed within a comprehensive multi-scale, multi-modal correlative environment. In this workshop, the workflow of Atlas 5 will be covered: navigation and correlation of images from various sources, creation and optimization of imaging protocols for large area imaging, and image tile stitching.

This virtual workshop will be streamed live from the  ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center (ZMCC) in Dublin, CA. Through screen-sharing from the instrument and multiple cameras, the complete operation of the instrument will be visible as our SEM Application experts cover a full itinerary of training topics as detailed below.

It is recommended that attendees secure time on their instruments after the workshop sessions to apply the shared methods on their own samples. Attendees are strongly encouraged to share their images from individual sessions and interact with our Applications team through independent email threads for further optimization.

Who should attend?

  • Existing users of ZEISS SEMs interested in acquiring large image mosaics
  • Existing users of Atlas looking to improve their current skill level to better support and/or train other users​

Learning objectives after completion of this workshop, attendees should:

  • Benefit from reproducible results by developing protocols with ideal imaging conditions tailored to your samples.​
  • Gain an improved understanding of your sample through the correlative workspace after combining results from multiple sources (e.g. optical images, light microscopy images, and energy dispersive x-ray maps).​
  • Share results with a wider audience by exporting acquired data to simplified web browser-based viewer format.​

This is a paid workshop.​
Spots are limited.​

Access to a SEM after each day is strongly recommended to apply lessons learned and share results with applications team for further support.​

Preview the topics covered below and register for the workshop here



  • Hardware and software capabilities that enable users to acquire high pixel density image tiles that combine into large area mosaics​​
  • Image correlation using data acquired from multiple sources​​
  • Acquisition of large area imaging (mosaics) in the correlative workspace ​​
  • Optimization imaging protocols for consistent and reproducible results​​
  • Stitching of large mosaics that consist of high number of tiles​​
  • Post-processing and export of results

After the workshop sessions, the attendees are strongly encouraged to attempt the methods shown on their own systems with their own samples. Screen sharing sessions to review the data can be setup with the applications team through independent email threads. Our support team will assist in further optimization and answer any questions to help attendees acquire the best data possible.

Joseph Favata, PhD Applications Engineer

Joe has been working with and promoting correlative microscopy solutions since 2016. He has been an Applications Engineer with ZEISS since 2020 working primarily with GeminiSEMs and Crossbeams but also has years of experience with ZEISS Xradia Versa systems, ZEISS Orion Nanofabs and ZEISS widefield light microscopes. Joe has a background in mechanical engineering centered around materials science but routinely collaborates with scientists and engineers within the areas of life science (cryogenic applications and otherwise), semiconductor, and battery research areas. 

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Workshop Location

ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center, Bay Area

ZMCC, Bay Area 5300 Central Pkwy 94568 Dublin, CA USA