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Seamless Installation Process

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You will receive your new microscope and have it installed by our engineers.

  • Transparent installation process
  • Onsite training or classroom instruction
  • Start utilizing the system right away

Tips for a Successful Installation of Your ZEISS Microscope

Site Survey

Make Sure Everything Is Perfect – Right from the Start

The accuracy and performance of a microscope depends on many factors, including room temperature, humidity, noise level, floor vibrations, interference caused by nearby electrical equipment. Our site survey will detect any problems and ensure that your new microscope is set up in a perfectly controlled environment.

The Seamless Installation Process

We Jointly Plan Your Installation

  • 1. Understand the Environment

    We offer site inspection and site readiness services to ensure the ZEISS product will perform to your expectations without the impact of external environmental issues.

  • 2. Prepare Your Site and Schedule the Installation

    With the detailed ZEISS site inspection report, you will be able to decide what further action to take if the site does not meet the system specifications. Afterwards the installation can be scheduled.

  • 3. Start and Get Results Right Away

    After your new microscope arrives, our skilled Field Service Engineers will install it in your lab. After a quick overview of the hardware and the software, you can start utilizing the system.

Installation Requirements

High-End Precision Equipment Needs More

To ensure that the process of preparing a site for your microscope is straight-forward and transparent, we provide comprehensive installation requirements documents for all major systems. These differ from system to system in terms of the environmental requirements, site readiness needs and if a site survey is required before installation. Please contact your ZEISS representative to discuss the details for your system and any questions you may have.


    • File size: 258 KB
    • 3D Imaging Systems

      Your Guide to the Widest Selection of Optical Sectioning, Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microscopy Techniques.

      File size: 5 MB
    • Axiocam 506 color

      Your Microscope Camera for Imaging of Large Sample Areas – Fast, in True Color, and High Resolution

      File size: 548 KB
    • Axiocam 506 mono

      Your High Resolution Microscope Camera for Live Cell Imaging – Fast, Flexible, and Sensitive

      File size: 3 MB
    • Axio Examiner - Broaden Your Horizons

      The New Class in Fixed-Stage Microscopy

      File size: 8 MB
    • Axio Zoom.V16

      The Fluorescence Zoom Microscope for Large Fields

      File size: 7 MB
    • Axio Zoom.V16 for Materials

      High Resolution and High Speed: Your Zoom Microscope for Large Fields.

      File size: 14 MB
    • Correlative Particle Analysis

      Quickly Characterize and Classify Particles Supporting ISO 16232 by Light and Electron Microscopy

      File size: 2 MB
    • LD Plan-APOCHROMAT 20x/1.0

      Ultra Deep Imaging for Confocal Laser Scanning and Multiphoton Microscopy

      File size: 6 MB
    • ORION NanoFab

      Three Ion Beams for Total Flexibility in Sub10-nm Fabrication

      File size: 5 MB
    • Particle Analyzer

      Analyze Tiny Particles: Accurately and Reproducibly

      File size: 5 MB
    • Predictive Service: Protecting You From Unplanned Downtime

      Discover ZEISS Predictive Service, the proactive solution to safeguard your research against unplanned downtime. With seamless monitoring and expert support, ensure continuous, efficient operation in over 60 countries, free of charge.

      File size: 458 KB
    • Primotech - Your Clever Imaging Solution

      Your Clever Imaging Solution: Wireless-Controlled, and Easy to Use

      File size: 7 MB
    • Shuttle & Find for ZEN Imaging Software

      Speed Up Your Correlative Workflow

      File size: 6 MB
    • The PALM Family - A New Dimension in Sample Purity

      Integrated Laser Microdissection and Microscope Systems for Live Cells and Fixed Material

      File size: 9 MB
    • With ZEISS Focal Charge Compensation to high-quality 3D data sets

      Quick Guide

      File size: 1 MB
    • 3DSM

      3D Surface Modelling

      File size: 426 KB
    • Advancing Oil and Gas Exploration with ORION NanoFab

      File size: 2 MB
    • AI-based Analysis of Metal Inclusions

      Linking Microstructure and Materials Properties

      File size: 1 MB
    • Analysis and Quantification of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel

      Shuttle & Find

      File size: 1 MB
    • Automation in Microscopy.

      WILEY Special edition of Imaging & Microscopy – Collection of 4 white papers (Wolff, Pepperkok, Donoughe, Gelman)

      File size: 1 MB
    • Axio Zoom.V16 More efficiency in materials microscopy

      Axio Zoom.V16 is a high resolution on-axis zoom microscope by ZEISS with 16x zoom, high aperture and long working distance. A single objective lens lets you zoom from a large object field to the smallest details.

      File size: 5 MB
    • Baumgartner – the Beer from the Innviertel Region

      Quality control with ZEISS Axiolab 5

      File size: 1 MB
    • Beyond Histology

      with 3D X-ray Microscopy

      File size: 962 KB
    • Calibration Procedure for Finding Suitable Milling Parameters on ZEISS Crossbeam laser

      File size: 1 MB
    • Correlation of Two-Photon in Vivo Imaging and FIB-SEM Microscopy

      File size: 1 MB
    • Correlative Microscopy Protocols

      A Reference Guide to Correlative Sample Preparation

      File size: 671 KB
    • Correlative Protein Localization in Yeast

      High-Resolution Localization of Fluorescent Proteins Using Shuttle & Find for Superresolution and Scanning Electron Microscopy.

      File size: 676 KB
    • Deposition of Conducting Features with ORION NanoFab

      File size: 1 MB
    • Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

      of nonconductive samples using in-situ charge compensation

      File size: 2 MB
    • e-waste Characterization

      for Metal Recycling with ZEISS Mineralogic

      File size: 5 MB
    • Exploring Corrosion in Iron Nail Artifacts with Multi-Scale X-ray Microscopy

      File size: 771 KB
    • Airyscan 2 기술이 적용된 ZEISS LSM 980 - Flyer (Korean Version)

      빠르고 부드러운 멀티플렉스 이미징을 위한 특별한 공초점 경험Shaping high-end imaging for your research

      File size: 1 MB
    • Análise Correlativa de Partículas ZEISS (Portuguese Version)

      Caracterize rapidamente e classiique partículas de acordo com ISO 16232 por meio de Microscopia Eletrônica e de Luz

      File size: 2 MB
    • De mest använda odödliga cellinjerna (Swedish Version)

      En introduktion

      File size: 4 MB
    • Famiglia ZEISS EVO (Italian Version)

      La piattaforma SEM modulare che vi consente operazioni intuitive, indagini di routine e applicazioni di ricerca.

      File size: 4 MB
    • Kính hiển vi ZEISS Axio Imager 2 (Vietnamese Version)

      Hệ thống kính hiển vi thiết kế mở dành cho Phân tích vật liệu tự động

      File size: 8 MB
    • Lezione digitale di biologia

      Apprendimento remoto e didattica a distanza con l'app ZEISS Labscope

      File size: 1 MB
    • Mikroskop ZEISS Axiovert (Polish version)

      Twój mikroskop odwrócony do prac w laboratorium materiałowym i inteligentnej dokumentacji

      File size: 9 MB
    • Obiettivi per microscopi ZEISS

      Prestazioni ottiche superiori per una microscopia e un imaging senza pari

      File size: 18 MB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 208 color (Italian Version)

      La fotocamera in 4K per la documentazione digitale intelligente al microscopio

      File size: 478 KB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 208 color (Russian Version)

      Смарт-камера для быстрой микросъемки в разрешении 4K

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 208 color (Turkish Version)

      Akıllı Dijital Dokümantasyona Yönelik Hızlı 4K Mikroskop Kameranız

      File size: 464 KB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 208 color (Vietnamese Version)

      Camera hiển vi kỹ thuật số thông minh 4K tốc độ cao

      File size: 646 KB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 305 color (Turkish Version)

      Rutin Çalışmalara ve Araştırma Laboratuvarlarına Yönelik Hızlı 5 Megapiksel Mikroskop Kameranız

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 712 color

      A câmera de microscópio completa com 12 megapixels para aquisição de imagens com cores reais de grandes áreas de amostra em alta resolução.

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 807 color

      Geniş Görüş Alanları ile Gerçek Renkli Görüntüleme İçin 7 Megapiksel Çözünürlük Sunan Hızlı Mikroskop Kameranız

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Axiocam 807 mono

      Geniş Görüş Alanları ile Canlı Hücre Görüntülemesi İçin 7 Megapiksel Çözünürlük Sunan Hızlı Mikroskop Kameranız

      File size: 1 MB

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