3D reconstruction of serial sections from root nodules with the distribution of plasmodesmata

Software for Specific Workflows and Applications

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TEM Lamella Preparation and Volume Imaging under Cryogenic Conditions

Correlative Cryo Workflow

Volume Imaging under Cryogenic Conditions

ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow seamlessly integrates widefield, laser scanning, and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy into a user-friendly procedure. This solution offers hardware and software that are specifically designed to cater to the demands of correlative cryogenic workflows. It facilitates the localization of fluorescent macromolecules, enables high-contrast volume imaging, and allows on-grid lamella thinning for cryo electron tomography.

3D Light and Electron Microscopy for Serial Sections

Correlative Array Tomography

Large-scale 3D Correlative Microscopy

Image hundreds of sections of your biological samples across length scales automatically and combine them into one single correlative volume dataset using Correlative Array Tomography. Benefit from large-scale 3D correlative microscopy methods using light and electron microscopes with a suitable software for precise reconstruction of sample volumes.

Master Your Multi-scale Challenge

Atlas 5

Master Your Multi-scale Challenge

Enhance the capabilities of ZEISS SEM, XRM, and FIB-SEM by creating detailed, multi-scale, and multi-modal images within a sample-centric correlative environment. With Atlas 5, navigate and correlate images from various sources as its modular structure allows for customization to fit specific needs in materials or life science research, including nanopatterning and array tomography. Benefit from large area imaging, the correlative workspace, and a GUI that places the sample at the center of the workflow.

Tailored Solutions for Particle Analysis Configured to Your Requirements

Nanoscale and Correlative Analysis

Customized Solutions for Particle Analysis

ZEISS systems analyze particles on filters, providing insight into the chemical composition of the material. Automate the analysis of up to 200,000 particles using an electron microscope and SmartPI. ZEISS also offers CAPA, a correlative particle analyzer system, which is an optimal solution for connecting light and electron microscope analyses, providing results up to 10 times faster.

Smart Particle Investigator


Smart Particle Investigator

With SmartPI, you can take advantage of an automated particle analysis tool that accurately counts particles in the nanometer range, even those situated on the border, and provides EDS analysis of their chemical composition. Set the appropriate level for analysis and create a competent, well-documented report while operating EDS and SEM

using a single user interface. The software offers a range of evaluation methods, offline analysis, and the ability to exclude particles from measurement or statistics.

Identify Phases and Analyze Texture in 2D and 3D


Automated Quantitative Mineralogy

ZEISS Mineralogic uses cutting-edge SEM and 3D X-ray microscopy and AI-based deep learning algorithms for automated quantitative mineral analysis. This enhances analytical capability and increases productivity, making it ideal for exacting geological interrogation of samples. From in-depth petrological investigations to high throughput mineral liberation workflows to quantitative geochemistry, ZEISS Mineralogic solutions meet a range of needs.

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