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ZEISS Predictive Service

Protecting You from Unplanned Downtime

ZEISS Predictive Service helps identify potential issues before they happen and protects you from unplanned downtime. Leverage ZEISS specialists' expertise to resolve – or even prevent – incidents before they cost you time and money.

  • Predict problems before they happen and resolve them before they affect your research.
  • Share key technical data securely with ZEISS and receive proactive customer support.
  • Receive faster support from our remote service team and a faster time to repair.

How Does Predictive Service Work?

Ensuring You Run Seamlessly

ZEISS Predictive Service helps you better maintain your microscopes and avoid unplanned downtime.

Predictive Service comes pre-installed and monitors key technical data from your system. The tool then proactively diagnoses symptoms and enables our remote team to resolve issues before they cause unnecessary downtime.

Without interrupting the user, Predictive Service verifies that your system is operating optimally.  Furthermore, you save money as issues are resolved before they become critical faults that require replacement parts.

How Predictive Service Ensures the Highest Levels of Data Security
How Predictive Service Ensures the Highest Levels of Data Security

How Predictive Service Ensures the Highest Levels of Data Security

We Take Data Privacy as Seriously as You Do Your Research

Predictive Service proactively monitors and collects technical data such as operating hours, cycle counts and voltages via a secure connection to our data centre.

No personal or imaging data is ever collected and the connection between the system and data centre is always outbound only. All user information is anonymised.

Predictive Service uses https (port 443) protocol with 256-bit TLS end-to-end encryption and usually requires no changes to your organisation’s firewall settings.

Read our technical white paper for a comprehensive overview of the architecture and security features of ZEISS Predictive Service.

Key Technical Information

  • Light Microscopes

    Electron Microscopes

    X-Ray Microscopes

    Axio Examiner

    Crossbeam series

    Xradia Context microCT

    Axio Imager

    EVO series

    Xradia Versa series

    Axio Observer

    GeminiSEM series

    Axio Scan.Z1

    Merlin series

    Axioscan 7

    Sigma series

    Celldiscoverer 7

    Lattice Lightsheet 7

    LSM 800

    LSM 9XX series

    Smartzoom 5

    Visioner 1

  • Technical Data

    Microscope Software

    Hardware Data

    Main Version


    Patch Version

    Operating System Version

    Installed Service Pack


    Various Log Files

    Workstation Name

  • Workstation Operating System

    Microscope Operating System


    Windows 10

    ZEN 2.3 onwards

    Port 443

    SmartSEM 5.06 onwards

    XRM Scout-and-Scan v11 onwards


    • Predictive Service: Protecting You From Unplanned Downtime

      Discover ZEISS Predictive Service, the proactive solution to safeguard your research against unplanned downtime. With seamless monitoring and expert support, ensure continuous, efficient operation in over 60 countries, free of charge.

      File size: 458 KB
    • ZEISS Predictive Service Overview

      Enhance your ZEISS microscope's performance with Predictive Service – offering real-time health monitoring without extra hardware, utilizing top-tier security technologies for data protection, and ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency.

      File size: 2 MB
    • ZEISS Predictive Service

      Unlock seamless uptime with ZEISS Predictive Service for your microscope. This service ensures proactive monitoring and rapid, expert resolution of issues without interrupting your workflow. Benefit from cutting-edge data security, no additional hardware needs, and insights into your system's performance through the ZEISS Portal.

      File size: 348 KB
    • ZEISS Predictive Service

      Delve into the secure and sophisticated architecture of ZEISS Predictive Service with this technical overview. Designed for IT professionals, it outlines the service's secure connectivity, condition monitoring, and seamless integration into your environment, ensuring top-notch security and operational efficiency for your ZEISS microscopy systems. Discover how we prioritize data privacy and system performance, utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud and PTC ThingWorx technologies for unparalleled data security and service reliability.

      File size: 562 KB
    • How ZEISS Predictive Service Prevents Unplanned Downtime at the National University of Singapore

      ZEISS Predictive Service preemptively identified and mitigated overheating risks in the LSM 980 confocal microscope at Singapore's Mechanobiology Institute, ensuring uninterrupted research and imaging services.

      File size: 1 MB
    • Predictive Service Case Study: The Francis Crick Institute

      Discover how ZEISS Predictive Service proactively prevented unexpected downtime at the Francis Crick Institute, ensuring continuous research progress by preemptively addressing potential system issues.

      File size: 308 KB
    • Predictive Service Case Study: UCLA

      UCLA leveraged ZEISS Predictive Service to preemptively address potential overheating in their LSM 980 confocal microscope, ensuring continuous operation and zero downtime in critical research activities.

      File size: 528 KB
    • Predictive Service Case Study: University of Lausanne

      With ZEISS Predictive Service, the University of Lausanne proactively managed an overheating issue in their essential LSM 980 microscope, maintaining seamless research operations across numerous scientific disciplines.

      File size: 1 MB
    • Predictive Service Case Study: Colorado School of Mines

      ZEISS Predictive Service enabled the Colorado School of Mines to preemptively address system issues, ensuring optimal operational uptime and safeguarding the continuity of critical research and revenue-generating activities.

      File size: 244 KB

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