Advanced Image Analysis

Advanced Image Analysis

  • Scalable, AI-driven multi-dimensional image analysis
  • Easily and effectively handle large data sets
  • Higher throughput for reliable, reproducible results
  • Supporting diverse image sources and formats
  • No coding required, user-friendly interface
arivis Pro

arivis Pro

Unleash the full potential of image analysis with ZEISS arivis Pro. This comprehensive software solution, powered by AI, allows you to work with pre-trained models such as Cellpose, custom-trained models from arivis Cloud, or onboard new technologies through Python scripting. Its extensive range of tools supports versatile analysis across 2D, 3D, and 4D datasets. With real-time big data handling and immersive VR analysis, arivis Pro is your comprehensive solution for demanding tasks.

  • Flexible, Customizable, and Reproducible
  • Real-Time Big Data Handling
  • Immersive VR Environment
arivis Hub

arivis Hub

Accelerate research and development across scientific and industrial domains with ZEISS arivis Hub. This software seamlessly scales image analysis pipelines customized through arivis Pro, ensuring high-efficiency processing of large-scale datasets. Offering high-throughput scalability via parallelized processing on local or cloud servers, arivis Hub reduces your project completion times. Collaborate effortlessly through centralized, browser-based data access and user management, fostering streamlined information exchange.

  • High-Throughput Scalability
  • Effortless Collaboration
  • Deep Learning Integration
arivis Cloud

arivis Cloud

Unlock the potential of AI model training with ZEISS arivis Cloud. This platform offers cloud infrastructure coupled with the intuitive arivis AI toolkit, making custom deep learning accessible to all without coding requirements. Its human-centered model training simplifies the process, requiring minimal image annotations to initiate training. Once created, models are exportable for local use and seamless integration into arivis Pro or ZEN image analysis pipelines.

  • Accessible Custom Deep Learning
  • Human-Centered Model Training
  • Seamless Integration and Automation

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    • ZEISS arivis Cloud

      Cloud platform for training AI models focusing on image segmentation and analysis

      File size: 941 KB
    • ZEISS arivis Hub

      Scalable, parallelized image processing on local, cloud or hybrid computing environments.

      File size: 893 KB
    • ZEISS arivis Pro

      Powerful, flexible software solution for demanding image analysis and visualization tasks

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Solutions for Semiconductor Development, Manufacturing, and Analysis

      Accelerating Digital Transformation and Innovation for Semiconductor Electronics

      File size: 13 MB

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