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Cancer Research

Explore the frontier of Cancer Research through advanced microscopy techniques. Unlock new insights and innovations with precision tools designed to advance our understanding and treatment of cancer.


Pushing the boundaries in Cancer Research.

Advanced Microscopy in Life Sciences

  • Spheroid combined view
  • Cancer Research with Crossbeam High Res
  • Breast Tissue - Cancer Research
  • Cancer Research
    Cancer Research
  • Hela crossbeam-highres
    Hela crossbeam-highres
    Dataset provided by Anna Steyer and Yannick Schwab, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.
    Dataset provided by Anna Steyer and Yannick Schwab, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Breast tissue ROI4
    Breast tissue ROI4
    Sample provided by D. Schwartz, Leica Biosystems, Cell IDX
    Sample provided by D. Schwartz, Leica Biosystems, Cell IDX

Enhancing precision in cancer treatment.

In the rapidly evolving field of cancer research, microscopy plays a pivotal role in understanding and combating various forms of cancer.

Advanced microscopy techniques, such as high-resolution 3D imaging and fluorescence microscopy, provide unprecedented views into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and response to treatments. These insights are critical for developing more effective diagnostic tools and therapies.

With the aid of cutting-edge technologies like ZEISS's wide range of microscopes and imaging solutions, researchers can observe cancer cells in real-time, track tumor development, and assess treatment efficacy at the cellular level. Such detailed analysis helps in tailoring personalized treatments that target specific cancer types and stages, improving patient outcomes.

By integrating innovative microscopy methods, cancer research is not only advancing towards better understanding but also towards more successful management of this complex disease, promising a future where cancer can be diagnosed earlier and treated more effectively.



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Microscopy & Cancer Research

Celldiscoverer 7

Celldiscoverer 7 Large system

Adaptable Automation for Advanced Workflows

If your research requires explorative high-content imaging, you are often faced with a trade-off between the desired image quality and the need to capture large amounts of data efficiently. ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 is your research companion for collecting statistically relevant data, giving you easy access to high-quality imaging, adaptability to demanding experiments, and stable long-term operation. Get easy access to high-quality imaging, while adaptable to demanding experiments and reliable in multi-user environments with the Celldiscoverer 7.

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