ZEISS Digital Solutions for Photomask systems

Digital Solutions For higher productivity, cycle time reduction and reliability improvement

ZEISS offers several automation applications running on the FAVOR® computational engine. FAVOR® solutions enhance productivity and reliability through intelligent automation and enabling technologies. Significant time savings and an improved reliability result from reduction of manual steps and human error. Modular applications provide solutions to specific manufacturing needs.  Down below you find the variety of system boosting software programs.


  • A photomask in an ZEISS AIMS machine

    AIMS® Auto Analysis Full automation of data analysis

    AIMS® AutoAnalysis runs independently from tool software, allowing the AIMS® tools to be dedicated for measurements only while the analysis runs in parallel. It optimizes processes as it improves productivity, saves operator time and standardizes results.  

    • The computer performance is optimized for the application.
    • All relevant AIMS® system generations are supported.
    • Up to 40% back end of line process time per mask can be saved, therewith the software contributes to overall process flow improvement.
    • Operators have more spare time and can focus on more critical work.
  • An employee working with automation software to analyse photomask defects

    AIMS® AutoAnalysis EUV

    Automation for AIMS® EUV

    AIMS® AutoAnalysis EUV extends the automated defect verification to the segment of high-end EUV mask manufacturing.

    • Parallel processing allows for high throughput and sophisticated analysis algorithms for evaluation of even the smallest EUV structures.
    • Extended standardization, realized by a recipe and template based approach, also enables to run DUV processes identically for EUV mask making.
  • Automation software for ZEISS Repair products from SMT

    Advanced Repair Center

    Optimizes the back end of line productivity

    The Advanced Repair Center ARC is capable of connecting tools and software products in a smart way.

    • It is a back end of line manufacturing enterprise solution that targets productivity improvement, costs saving and shorter turnaround time through the use of intelligent automation.
    • Built on the connectivity provided it facilitates data management and process flow optimization for the entire defect handling process.
    • That significantly reduces the required amount manual interactions and makes processes less prone to human errors resulting in increased reliability.

Video about the Advanced Repair Center ARC

ARC connects systems and software products in a smart way.

  • Two ZEISS SMT products and the software MAA to close the loop

    MeRiT® AutoAnalysis Increases productivity and optimizes capacity

    MeRiT® AutoAnalysis MAA provides a fully automated analysis solution for photomask repair workflows on MeRiT®. Independent of the tool software, pre and post repair SEM images can be analyzed in parallel to other activities which leads to significant time savings.  Apart from the availability of the analysis history in one single place, the application offers sophisticated analysis strategies compatible with high end EUV mask repairs. High sensitivity to defect detection ensures quality targets and prevents users to overlook required repair rework.

  • Two employees working in the clean room of ZEISS SMT

    ForTune Tuning Module Simulates jobs and generates tuning recipes

    The ForTune Tuning Module software package facilitates recipe creation as well as extensive data analysis and simulations prior to the ForTune process (CDC & RegC® applications). This module’s versatile job handling capabilities ensure high process efficiency, superior prediction accuracy and on-the-spot decision making.

  • A microchip in an electrical device

    Local Registration Map

    Deviations measuring at a large scale

    The Local Registration Map LRM is a PROVE® application, which allows to perform dense local registration measurements at unprecedented spatial resolutions with significantly improved throughput. Amongst applications such as sophisticated Overlay prediction the LRM functionality is a key enabler for new calibration schemes for state-of-the-art e-Beam writers (VSB and MBMW).

Video about MeRiT® AutoAnalysis MAA

MAA fully automates photomask repair analysis.


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