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The likelihood that you are able to read this website thanks to ZEISS SMT technologies is very high. More than 80 percent of all microchips around the world are produced with lithography optics from the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) segment. As a technology leader in the field of semiconductor technology, our innovations enable ever smaller, more powerful and more energy-efficient microchips – and so it is that we play a decisive role in shaping the age of digitalization.

Contributor, facilitator... Our team is looking for reinforcements

We are looking for people who are curious and want to do their bit for a progressive future. After all, furthering the technologies of tomorrow requires sharp minds – and a strong team. With your motivation and passion, you’ll fit right in at ZEISS.

Here at SMT

  • >7.500

    People are part of the SMT team – and we continue to grow.

  • ~60

    Nationalities from all over the world work on innovations at SMT for the semiconductor industry – and the technology of tomorrow

  • 8

    Sites in three countries

  • 1500 Mio. €

    in the fiscal year 2022/23 for the development of lithography optics

  • >2.000

    Together with its partners, ZEISS holds patents in the field of EUV technology

  • 3x

    The size of our team has tripled since the founding of the SMT Oberkochen facilities in 2001

The heart of digitalization beats here – at SMT

If passion meets precision and we grow beyond the limits of what is possible: Then the heart of digitalization beats here. At ZEISS. At the SMT. In Oberkochen, Wetzlar, Jena, Rossdorf, Aachen, Danvers, Dublin, and Bar Lev. How we today already enable the technologies of tomorrow? See for yourself and feel it, the heartbeat of digitalization!

EUV mirror from ZEISS SMT
Two employees work in the clean room of ZEISS SMT

A workplace where new standards are set

Only the high-precision optical systems from ZEISS SMT work with enough accuracy to apply nanometer-fine structures to a silicon wafer – thereby creating the latest generation of processors and memory chips. Microchips have become the centerpiece of every electronically controlled device. Semiconductors are needed for digitalization. That is why our employees regularly push the boundaries of what is technologically feasible.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier awarding the German Future Prize to the EUV team
Award Ceremony of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2020 with Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the winner team of ZEISS SMT and partners

Working where success is made visible

Thanks to ZEISS optical systems, 57 billion transistors can be applied onto a microchip that is barely bigger than your fingertip. The series production of EUV technology is a milestone in semiconductor research. The achievements in this area of development by the research team led by ZEISS, Trumpf and the Fraunhofer Institute IOF were rewarded in 2020 when they received Germany's most important innovation award, the German Future Prize, from Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier – on behalf of the entire partner network.

Employee Marc who works at ZEISS SMT
Marc works for ZEISS SMT

A workplace where people matter

ZEISS is a Foundation Company. That is why we are especially committed to values such as social commitment, supporting families and the social security of our employees. Because they are the innovative power and drive behind our company – and they are the focus for us.

A workplace where you can excel

ZEISS in Oberkochen – the Silicon Valley of the Ostalb? Oberkochen near Aalen on the Ostalb is a place where man and nature come together. A place that fosters work-life balance. No traffic jams, no hustle and bustle – just freedom, nature and wide open spaces. We think it's the perfect place for working on tomorrow's technologies today. ZEISS SMT is also represented in Germany in Jena, Wetzlar, Rossdorf and Aachen – as well as offering a wide range of opportunities at its international sites in Danvers and Dublin (USA) and in Bar Lev (Israel).

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Artur works on a machine at ZEISS SMT
An employee works for ZEISS SMT

The global ZEISS team

We are currently looking to fill more than 500 vacancies in the fields of material science, IT, engineering and production in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. We employ physicists, process engineers, software developers, specialists in automation technology and electrical engineering, specialists in precision mechanics and production as well as in research and development – and many more...

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