Two employees from the SMT Process Control Solutions segment chat in the ZEISS SMT clean room
Process Control Solutions (PCS)  

Accelerated processes Process control for next generation semiconductor elements

Increasing complexity, new materials and ever smaller semiconductor structures: The requirements for metrology and process control solutions are constantly rising. ZEISS offers solutions for the modern production of logic and memory chips.

  • 3D Metrology Workstation
  • MultiSEM
Electron beam of the MultiSEM technology from ZEISS SMT
Technology of ZEISS SMT

Valuable information Process control for new methods

With its wide range of technologies, ZEISS offers innovative process control solutions for obtaining relevant information for the production of logic and memory chips. This is how we equip the semiconductor industry to meet its challenges for the next generation of elements.

Faster, more precise, and more flexible Our solutions designed for process control

  • 1,5 TB

    Constant data rate per hour with MultiSEM

  • 0,9 nm

    SEM resolution at the coincidence point at 15 kiloelectron volts (keV) with the 3D metrology workstation

SMT process control solutions at a glance

A 3-D Tomo Metrology Workstation form ZEISS SMT

ZEISS 3D Metrology Workstation

The ZEISS 3D Metrology Workstation is a FIB-SEM combination for 3D high-throughput analysis with a resolution of up to 0.9 nanometers. This allows you to analyze the volume of microchips – sampling, analyzing and validating with nanometer accuracy.

Two employees work on the MultiSEM


With 91 parallel electron beams, the unique, highly efficient ZEISS MultiSEM multi-beam scanning electron microscope makes complex 2D structures visible at an incomparably high speed. The intuitive ZEISS ZEN Imaging software enables reverse engineering, process control and troubleshooting in the finest semiconductor structures.

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ZEISS empowers manufacturers worldwide with lithography optics and process control solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. With increasing complexity, new materials and the miniaturization of semiconductor structures, the demands on metrology and process control systems are also rising.
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