An associate of the ZEISS SMT works on a EUV system
Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics (SMO)

Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics

Optical systems for the light of the future

No lithography without optics. No semiconductors without lithography. Without semiconductors there would be no microchips, without microchips no computers – no high-tech products. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier, ZEISS enables the semiconductor industry worldwide with optics and other optical modules.

  • For optical precision in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Giving our customers a technological advantage
  • For the technology of the future

Figures, data, facts

  • 384,400km

    This is the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Over this distance, a deflected laser beam can hit a golf ball with the help of a mirror from ZEISS.

  • 2020

    German Future Prize for highly innovative EUV technology

  • >50

    Years of development experience for lithography optics

  • 1.35

    Numerical aperture of the best-selling immersion lens Starlith® 1900i

  • >2,000

    New high-tech jobs at ZEISS SMT since the start of EUV development in 1995

Optics Modules

Optical components and modules

Employee works on an optics system from ZEISS SMT

Laser components and modules

DUV lithography lasers operate at high light intensities and very short wavelengths of 193 and 248 nanometers. The portfolio of ZEISS SMT includes calcium fluoride components, measurement modules (metrology modules) for excimer lasers and modules for bandwidth reduction.

Employee works on an optics system from ZEISS SMT

Optics and components for wafer inspection

As microchips become smaller, more compact and thus more complex, the demands on quality and defect control also increase.    ZEISS manufactures optics for special microscopes for automatic optical wafer inspection and process monitoring (no sales in Germany).

Man sitting at the kitchen table reading ZEISS SMT publications on his tablet

Publications & Lectures

Insight into our research

We regularly publish technical articles and lectures on our research and development.

Anything is imaginable – a lot is possible

ZEISS enables the semiconductor industry worldwide with high-performance optics. In doing so, we are able to offer optical components of the highest quality using high-performance as well as high-precision measuring and manufacturing techniques. ZEISS SMT is constantly working to push the boundaries of what is physically possible: Giving our customers a technological advantage. For the technology of the future.
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