Combining ZEISS EXTARO 300 and CEREC workflow

18 October 2021 · 5 min watch
Author Dr. Christian del Rey Schnitzler Madrid, Spain

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on CAD/CAM workflow with ZEISS EXTARO 300

CAD/CAM systems are remarkable machines – machines ruled by mathematics with an accuracy and a precision afforded by complex calculations, algorithms and software. On the contrary, human dentists mainly achieve accuracy and precision through knowledge, materials, and experience as well as their vision and hand-eye coordination.

The microscope can offer dentists essential support when searching for accurate restorations. With ZEISS EXTARO 300 integrated in the CAD/CAM procedure, dentists benefit from accurate visual control and 3D guidance of the instruments.

Not only when preparing, but also when bonding, polishing, and adjusting CEREC restorations, ZEISS EXTARO 300 helps dentists to improve the level of accuracy and precision of their work, transforming challenging situations into easy-to-solve cases.

This results in better, more predictable, and longer lasting results for the patient.

In this video you will discover why investing in detailed vision has such a massive impact on the accuracy of results in CAD/CAM procedures – learn how dentists’ skills are greatly improved thanks to magnification, optimal lighting conditions, and comfortable ergonomic designs.


  • The doctor in this video has a contractual or other financial relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec AG and its affiliates and has received financial support.

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