Laser-assisted implantology with ZEISS EXTARO 300

20 April 2022 · 6 min watch
Ariel Savion, D.M.D, LL.B, M.Sc, I.C.O.I
Author Ariel Savion, D.M.D, LL.B, M.Sc, I.C.O.I Rishon LeZion, Israel

Laser-assisted implantology with ZEISS EXTARO 300

This video will demonstrate how to perform predictable partial tooth extraction and implant placement under magnification with a natural final outcome.  

Lasers in implantology have numerous advantages, the chief among them is faster wound healing, disinfection therapy, no bone heating or producing a smear layer. The combination of a microsurgical approach and laser therapy can provide predictable outcomes and faster treatments with minimal complications, morbidity, or pain. Tooth extraction and immediate implantation in a microsurgical approach have become a gold standard in implantology. Precision and control in small details make a big difference in tissue integration and aesthetic dentistry.    

The socket shield technique for volume preservation was used. Without the microscope, this technique would be very difficult to perform and could lead to implant failure. Finally, micro-suture under magnification with 6/0 and 7/0 sutures promotes and accelerates wound healing and allows us to remove the sutures after only a few days without producing any scarring.  

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