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Kypho-IORT, a modern combined approach in the framework for spinal metastases

Webinar recorded during ZEISS Spine Week 2021

16 February 2022 · 28 min watch
Frederic Bludau
Author Frederic Bludau, MD Executive Consultant, Head of Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Center, University Medical Center Mannheim, Germany

Kypho-IORT, a modern combined approach in the framework for spinal metastases

Improved oncological therapy not only leads to a significantly improved survival time, but also to an increase in osseous metastases  in tumor patients.

The spine is the most frequent location of bone metastases. Vertebral metastases in patients with progressive  visceral disease may results in instability, pain, and neurological deficits, and represent a common therapeutic dilemma.

Interdisciplinary tumor management of the spine has so far included stabilization and subsequent tumor radiation. Reducing  treatment severity and morbidity are important target parameters for palliative patients, as it is observing and maintaining patient  self-sufficiency. The combination of kyphoplasty and intraoperative radiotherapy is a safe treatment option immediately providing  sustained pain relief with excellent local control rates in patients with painful vertebral metastases.    

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