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Astigmatism visualization
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Clinical challenge

Patients have increasing expectations regarding the results of a cataract surgery. Due to the high prevalence in cataract patients, treatment of astigmatism is an important step to improve the clinical outcome and minimize residual refractive errors.1 Good refractive outcomes are based on robust and reliable measurements that allow a thorough assessment of the astigmatism and would also reveal potential diseases which could impair the patient satisfaction after the surgery.

Clinical challenges in the assessment of corneal astigmatism

Leading ophthalmologists share their experience

  • Clinical challenges in the assessment of astigmatism treatment.

  • Educating patients on the need of correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery.

Detect and verify astigmatism through precise measurements

Clinical solution

Precise pre-operative measurements build the solid foundation for IOL selection. Reliable and repeatable measurements on the biometer are crucial as well as a topography to visualize the astigmatism. Considering the anterior as well as the posterior corneal astigmatism either via a nomogram assumption or a measurement further reduces the risk of refractive surprises.

Use Central Topography and Total Keratometry as part of the toric workflow

ZEISS solution

Using the IOLMaster® 700 from ZEISS, you will be able to perform reliable and repeatable measurements. Included in the measurement, Central Topography provides you with an anterior and total axial power map to start your workflow with more insights. Total Keratometry (TK) allows you to incorporate the measurement of the posterior corneal astigmatism in your daily routine. This is highly important, since posterior corneal surface measurement can be one of the main sources of error in toric IOL calculation.2

    • IOLMaster 700 Total Keratometry Compendium EN

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    • IOLMaster 700 Central Topography Compendium EN

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ZEISS IOLMaster 700

ZEISS IOLMaster 700

Optical biometer to get started treating corneal astigmatism during cataract surgery:

  • With no changes in workflow, the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 measures Central Topography providing information on the central corneal shape
  • With Total Keratometry you are able to directly measure posterior corneal surface using SWEPT Source OCT
  • Exclusive Barrett TK formulas: Barrett Toric TK, Barrett Universal II TK and Barrett True-K with TK
  • On-board reference image for markerless toric IOL alignment

Comprehensive workflow to make treating astigmatism your new standard of care

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