Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand

Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand

Use ultrasound only when needed

QUATERA® 700 from ZEISS is designed to enhance your ultrasound emissions and, as a result, your phaco procedure. Power on Demand is a management technology that automatically (de)activates ultrasound only when needed: extracting the cataract in an efficient and safe procedure.

  • Efficient followability
  • Up to 50%1 less ultrasound
  • Relaxed surgical experience

Efficient followability

As Power on Demand activates ultrasound upon occlusion, it further reduces repulsion of fragments, which leads to high followability.

Photo of Florian Kretz, M.D.

The higher aspiration presets definitely help with efficiency during surgery. I needed no ultrasound for cataract grade 2 and below. The small amount required for grade 3 and up was still much less than with other phaco machines.

Dr. Florian Kretz

Up to 50%<sup>1</sup> less ultrasound

Up to 50%1 less ultrasound

Power on Demand automatically activates and deactivates ultrasound emission and reduces phaco power to its minimum necessity. This results in up to 50% less effective phaco time (EPT), which can help you achieve more predictable, efficient and safer surgical procedures.

Using the new Power on Demand function, I noticed an immediate drop in my ultrasound usage. Overall I save about two-thirds of ultrasound and for grade 2 cataracts and below I don't require any ultrasound at all.

Dr. Wolfram Wehner

Relaxed surgical experience

Relaxed surgical experience

With automatic (de)activation of ultrasound, you no longer have to constantly press and release the FCP to modulate the ultrasound. This allows you to fully focus on the procedure and enables a more relaxed surgical experience.

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    QUATERA 700 with PoD activated vs. QUATERA 700 with PoD not activated