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Unleashing a new experience in phaco.

  • ZEISS patented QUATTRO Pump
  • Digitally integrated surgical workflow
  • Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand

ZEISS patented QUATTRO Pump

Experience chamber stability independent of IOP and flow

The ZEISS patented QUATTRO Pump® is a synchronized fluid exchange system that directly measures and simultaneously controls both infusion and aspiration volumes in real-time. It actively compensates for incision leakage volume.

In my experience, the chamber is absolutely stable, irrespective of the type of cataract, irrespective of the situation. It ensures safety and efficiency and you can work at the highest vacuum levels and flow rates and there absolutely is no chamber instability. This is something which is very assuring and I am very confident about operating even on the toughest cases, the toughest cataracts.

Dr. Sri Ganesh

  • Synchronized infusion and aspiration change

    The new fluidic paradigm produces an exceptional level of chamber stability, regardless of settings and independent of IOP levels. It enables you to focus on what matters: efficiently removing the cataract.

  •  ZEISS VisuMax-MEL 90 laser combination
     ZEISS VisuMax-MEL 90 laser combination
    IOP recovery time after occlusion break
    IOP recovery time after occlusion break

    Virtually eliminates post occlusion surge: IOP recovery in about 200ms

    The QUATTRO Pump always maintains your target IOP independent of vacuum limit or IOP level.

  • IOP stability with leakage at target IOP, at 60cc/min flow
    IOP stability with leakage at target IOP, at 60cc/min flow
    IOP stability with leakage at target IOP, at 60cc/min flow
    IOP stability with leakage at target IOP, at 60cc/min flow

    Active leakage compensation

    When occlusion is detected, the QUATTRO Pump maintains an extremely stable chamber, allowing you to effectively manage challenging surgical situations.

In complicated cases, such as very dense cataracts or extremely floppy iris where I would have had to substantially decrease my surgical settings with my usual device, QUATERA enabled me to proceed with my preferred values just like in every other surgery.

Dr. Enrique Molina Munoz

Digitally integrated surgical workflow

Get one view for everyone in the OR

ZEISS QUATERA 700 brings together all elements of the ZEISS Cataract Workflow, making it your single sterile OR cockpit for a more effective and more efficient procedure.

Greater control and efficiency at every step.

With the microscope view on the phaco screen, everyone in the OR gets the same view as the surgeon, which allows nurses to anticipate upcoming surgical steps more quickly.
ZEISS QUATERA 700 can combine ZEISS CALLISTO eye workflow steps and phaco steps in one workflow. It allows you to control the full surgery either with its intuitive user interface or via the Foot Control Pedal (FCP).
With the integration of patient data from ZEISS IOLMaster and ZEISS FORUM, take advantage of paperless timeout checks and ensure that you have relevant information at hand.

Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand

Use automated ultrasound only when needed – upon occlusion

Power on Demand is a management technology that automatically (de)activates ultrasound only when needed: extracting the cataract in an efficient and safe procedure.

Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand

Efficient followability

As Power on Demand activates ultrasound upon occlusion, it reduces repulsion of fragments, which leads to high followability.

Up to 50%1 less ultrasound

Automated ultrasound reduces phaco power to its minimum necessity, resulting in up to 50% less effective phaco time (EPT).

Relaxed surgical experience

With automatic (de)activation of ultrasound, you no longer have to constantly press and release the Foot Control Pedal to modulate the ultrasound. This allows you to fully focus on the procedure and enables a more relaxed surgical procedure.

The higher aspiration presets definitely help with efficiency during surgery. I needed no ultrasound for cataract grade 2 and below. The small amount required for grade 3 and up was still much less than with other phaco machines.

Dr. Florian Kretz

Using the new Power on Demand function, I noticed an immediate drop in my ultrasound usage. Overall I save about two-thirds of ultrasound and for grade 2 cataracts and below I don't require any ultrasound at all.

Dr. Wolfram Wehner

Powerful as individual solution – Unstoppable together

The new ZEISS Cataract Workflow

By connecting devices, data and applications, the ZEISS portfolio enables a seamless integration from office to OR and back.

Get in contact with our sales team for more information about ZEISS QUATERA 700.

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    QUATERA 700 with PoD activated vs. QUATERA 700 with PoD not activated

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    Automated Ultrasound Power on Demand image courtesy rights of Prof. Dr. Peter Stalmans, UZ Leuven, Belgium