Jul 24, 2020

ARC software simplifies SPC test runs

Connected systems save time and reduce errors rates

ARC, the Advanced Repair Center, provides a new field of application when it comes to Statistical Process Control (SPC). As a measure of quality such SPC tests are vital for crucial systems in the mask manufacturing process. With its ability to repair defects using e-beam activated chemistry, ZEISS MeRiT physically manipulates the mask’s surface and therefore is one of such systems. If not operated within its specifications, there is a serious risk to irreversibly damage the mask and render it to scrap. In order to monitor ZEISS MeRiT adequately it requires more than onboard measures allow such as an aerial imaging system ZEISS AIMS.

ARC Defect Radar provides easy access to all data available from each processing step for a powerful and customizable interactive reporting to fit all needs.

Easy data management

Collecting, processing and evaluating all data step by step is cumbersome, time consuming and as a manual way of working bears a severe risk to introduce mistakes. Thus, ARC allows to manage and evaluate all data from one control panel and serves as the central access point in the backend of line of mask manufacturing. It provides a powerful and flexible reporting module for data visualization to fit all industry needs.

ARC BEOL Manager provies realtime overview of back end of line (BEOL) activities. It is the entry point for detailed information and data.

Optimization of processes

The digital solution is one of the first application areas using a hybrid metrology approach, involving AIMS® and MeRiT® data as input at the same time for process control. As a back end of line manufacturing enterprise solution, ARC is designed to tap into any source in order to make their data available and to visualize them with the goal to improve productivity, save costs and shorten turnaround times using intelligent automation.

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