Feb 12, 2020

Automation for ZEISS AIMS fab neo

An outstanding "short time to market" project

The initial configuration of the AIMS® fab neo was focused towards measurement capability to serve the demand for a successor system. ZEISS now works on further improvements of the AIMS® fab neo: The task for the team is to increase the automation level of the system.

Automated handling system

An automated handling system was evaluated. Requirements were among others that it can rotate and flip the masks, while the footprint of the handling system has to be as small as possible not to impact the overall footprint of the AIMS fab neo system significantly.

The integration into the demo system, necessary adaptions in the application software and to new interfaces are the main work packages of the current development phase.

A higher degree of automation within the mask shop environment can also be provided with the newly developed SECS/GEM capability of ZEISS AIMS fab neo to connect the photomask verification solution to the customer host system.

The release of both automation options is scheduled for beginning of Q2/2020.


The origin

ZEISS AIMS fab neo targets defect and repair verification for the 248nm mature market. The initial configuration of AIMS® fab neo was focused towards measurement capability to serve the demand for a successor system to replace the first generation AIMS® 248 system but also offer a new mature solution for new applications.

The overall turnaround time can be further improved by utilizing the AIMS® AutoAnalysis (AAA) option which provides completely automated defect analysis in parallel to the measurement.

In 2018 the first system was delivered to a semiconductor manufacturer. The shipment was realized only 18 months after development start for the system.

ZEISS AIMS fab neo

The solution is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is of choice when simplification and cost effectiveness are the main challenges.

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