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Form tester in the ultra class

The precision rotary table supported by air bearings in all axes impresses with its rotational accuracy of 10 nm, as well as its maximum measuring productivity provided by the automatic alignment.

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RONDCOM 65 is the flagship for ACCRETECH form testers. During development, emphasis was given to achieving maximum measuring productivity through the highest rotational accuracy in this class and the fastest fully automatic alignment. RONDCOM 65 helps lower production costs by providing the necessary tolerance for production through higher accuracy. The entire machine concept for RONDCOM 65 is focused on maximum precision. Outstanding long-term stability can be achieved through the use of granite for the base, column and R axis. The automatic CNC alignment within 60 seconds sets standards and enables high productivity. Highly accurate air bearings are used in all axes, which enables the measurement of narrow tolerances. The heart of the RONDCOM 65 is an ultra-accurate, wear-free rotary table on air bearings featuring rotational accuracy of 10 nanometers.


  • Universal form tester with best rotational error (10 nanometers) in its class
  • Benchmark productivity: higher throughput thanks to fast, automatic alignment within 60 seconds
  • Best long-term stability through design quality and hard-stone base/ Z and R axes
  • First form tester with precision air bearings in all axes
  • Ultra-accurate, wear-free rotary table on air bearings with 10 nanometer rotational error
  • For workpieces up to 60 kg (optional: 250 kg)
  • Large deflection range of 2000 µm and high resolution of the IMR sensor of 2 nanometers for higher throughput and fast, automatic alignment
  • IMR sensor with safety function in all orientations for maximum protection of the stylus and sensor
  • High Z axis straightness of 0.05 µm (100 mm)
  • Linear scale for highly accurate measurements in the R axis direction
  • Thermally insulated, active vibration-insulated table


RONDCOM 65 is a universal form tester for the analysis of roughness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness error and radial runout. With rotational error of just 10 nanometers, RONDCOM 65 is ideal for a wide range of precision parts that have a maximum diameter of 680 mm (larger optional) and weigh up to 60 kg (optional: 250 kg).


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