Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

23 July 2023

Multi-modal retinal analysis (true color, FAF-blue and FAF green) of a 67-year-old male diagnosed with Retinitis pigmentosa 30 years ago. ​

The widefield, True color fundus image allows the identification of peripheral retinal pigmentary changes such as areas of hypopigmentation and bone-spicule pigments, disuse arteriolar atrophy and waxy disc pallor. ​

Fundus autofluorescence (both green and blue) are helpful in determining the extension and pattern of RPE atrophy as well as the increased ring of hyper-autofluorescence at the macula. ​

However, FAF-green excitation wavelength is less absorbed by luteal pigments and provides more details regarding the RPE function at the macular area. Notice that, even presenting posterior capsule opacities in the left eye, the image quality does not compromise the analysis." ​

Image courtesy of Ricardo Luz Leitão Guerra, MD, Clínica de Olhos Leitão Guerra, Brazil

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