ZEISS OPMI Lumera i High quality visualization

The OPMI Lumera® i from ZEISS delivers high-quality visualization technology. The Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) will make a difference in how well you see the details – for better decision making. See overlays of the assistance functions in the eyepiece with the External Data Injection System (EDIS).

  • Visualization
  • Centrally controlled
  • Small and easy to move


With Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI), ZEISS OPMI Lumera i incorporates a well established illumination technology for red reflex. Contours are more visible and you can see details of the ocular anatomy that you have never seen before. With this illumination technology, very little light is required to generate the red reflex.

Centrally controlled

ZEISS OPMI Lumera i adjusts to your needs, not the other way around. The operation of the display is intuitive and easily accessed.

Small and easy to move

Provides freedom of movement – even when the operating space is limited. Combined with the compact suspension system, ZEISS OPMI Lumera i is a good fit for smaller operating rooms, such as those in ambulatory surgery centers.


Computer assisted cataract surgery

CALLISTO eye® from ZEISS provides surgeon-controlled assistance functions, projected directly in the surgical field. Overlays in the eyepiece support markerless toric IOL alignment and convenient data management meets demanding requirements in documentation.

Options & accessories

Foot control panel

The wireless foot control panel offers positioning flexibility and the ability to configure functions based on preferences.


TRIO 610 HD camera system

The high definition camera system with apochromatic video optics allows surgical microscope images to be generated with enhanced resolution and color rendition. To support all requirements or wishes for customized video solutions, external components can be mounted to the surgical microscope system.


OPMI Lumera i and the fundus viewing system RESIGHT® 500 from ZEISS provide a clear view of every detail of the retina. These products work together seamlessly to offer unparalleled convenience in the OR.


The Invertertube can be used for all types of procedures, considerably reducing reconfiguration. The function of the inverter is already integrated into the binocular tube. An ergonomic design allows the surgeon to sit upright and work in comfort.


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Surgical microscope
Apochromatic optics
Motorized zoom system, 1:6 zoom ratio,
magnification factors γ = 0.4 to 2.4
Focusing range: 50 mm

Binocular tube: 0-180° tiltable tube
(optional Invertertube®)

Eyepieces: 10x (12.5x optional)
Objective lens f = 200 mm (f = 175 mm optional)
DeepView: depth of field management system
SCI: red reflex illumination and full field illumination, both are adjustable
Integrated 408 nm UV barrier filter
Blue blocking filter
Retinal protection device
Fiber optic illumination
Optional: fluorescence filter
Light source
12 V, 100 W halogen light source with fully automatic bulb change in case of lamp failure
X-Y coupling
61 mm x 61 mm adjustment range
Free programmable button for starting positions
of X-Y coupling, focus and zoom, light
Approx. 8.5 kg (without tube, objective lens and eyepieces)
Suspension system
Floor stand
Maximum load capacity: 14 kg
(complete microscope equipment, including accessories)