Time is money – that’s what Benjamin Franklin said in 1748, and the sentiment still holds true today. This saying can be applied to production and metrology in equal measure. What’s important to bear in mind? Production and measuring machine downtimes. In metrology, setup is normally very time-consuming. But with the right accessories, setup times can be minimized. This results in less unproductive time for the machines and longer runs.

Short Downtime Equals Longer Runs

Let's assume that it takes you 20 minutes to measure each workpiece and 10 minutes to set up the machine. This means you can measure two objects per hour. If you cut your unproductive time down to a minute, you increase the number of objects you can measure to almost three per hour. Given an eight-hour day and an average of 220 workdays per year, that‘s 1,760 more workpieces.




Measuring time



Setup time



Units per year



How can you reduce your unproductive time? With the right accessories:
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1. Pallets

Clamping away from the measuring machine

Pallets can be used to clamp workpieces away from the measuring machine before a measurement is performed. It then takes just a few seconds to align the loaded pallets with the measuring machine.

2. MSR duplex

Faster, easier stylus change-out

Three simple moves are all that is needed to completely exchange the stylus rack on your CMM without having to recalibrate a stylus slot. Thanks to its two pivot-mounted probe racks, the MSR duplex offers twice as much space as a standard rack. This ensures measurements are performed in no time at all.

3. ZEISS FixAssist

Precise angles, efficient measuring

Our FixAssist series can align your stylus systems faster and more precisely – away from the measuring machine, in fact. You can also reduce stylus changes as even complex stylus systems can be precisely set up.

4. ZEISS CALYPSO planner

Program while your measuring machine does the measuring

The CALYPSO planner allows you to program and simulate measurement plans away from the measuring machine. So you can use your measuring machine to take measurements and you don’t have to clamp it for programming. The finished measuring program can then be performed at any time with ZEISS CALYPSO.

5. ZEISS Stylus System Creator

Virtually Configure Styli

The Stylus System Creator (SSC) allows you to configure your styli quickly and easily. The configured stylus system can be documented with a single click and ordered as a preset system. This saves you having to single-handedly assemble the stylus system and make any corrections.