ZEISS Measuring Services — Contract Measurement

Want to measure your components and workpieces quickly without investing in inspection equipment?

Are you experiencing costly manufacturing bottlenecks? Do you need to see inside your components but don't want to invest in a CT or X-ray scanning system? Do you need help inspecting parts due to a short-term capacity issue?

We can help.

ZEISS contract measuring services help solve your measurement and inspection challenges by giving you access to our measuring technology and expertise without investing in equipment. Our quality solutions experts utilize our state-of-the-art line of measuring machines to find the ideal solution to each of your tasks. Be it contact, optical, industrial computed tomography, X-ray or form, surface, contour and roughness – our contract measurement program helps resolve your quality and throughput challenges quickly and easily.

Contract measuring services we provide include:

  • Inspection of the geometric product specifications – dimensions, form and location – with exceptional accuracy
  • Creation of measuring programs for ZEISS CALYPSO and ZEISS CALIGO
  • Nominal-actual comparison, curve measurement, comparison against CAD data set
  • Initial sampling with test report (e.g. VDA or PPAP)
  • Reverse engineering using different processes, e.g. fringe projection, laser triangulation and computed tomography (CT)
  • Highly accurate measurements of reference parts
  • Measurement of all components of a vehicle, from door handle and combustion engine parts such as cylinder heads and crankcases, chassis and axle parts to car body measurement

Learn how we can help solve your quality inspection and throughput challenges:

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