ZEISS Surface, Form and Contour Measuring Machines

What’s the Best Surface, Form and Contour Measurement Machine for Your Application Needs?

ZEISS surface, form and contour measurement machines offer true sub-micron level measurements. From automotive to aerospace to medical industries and beyond — we offer maximum precision for quality control and assurance.

ZEISS’ full range of systems meet your budget, accuracy and application needs:

  • Surface finish and contour machines that measure roughness, other surface texture parameters and a part’s curve profile with either contact or non-contact methods.
  • Roundness machines that measure roundness by constraining and rotating a part around a central datum axis while a detector records the variation of surface waveform or fixing the component while rotating the detector.
  • Hybrid sensors and machines that can measure both contour and surface finish and are configurable with variable or hybrid sensors, making them ideal for both the shop floor and within the quality lab.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a metrology system — safety of critical parts, process improvements, regulatory compliance, equipment location and more. Whether you need entry-level or high-end systems, whether you plan to measure parts near production, on the shop floor or in a quality lab for final audit, ZEISS’ tiered quality solutions have you covered.

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ZEISS helps you make quality decisions by providing fine measurement fidelity to ensure a component functions as designed. Discover which of ZEISS’ wide range of surface, form and contour solutions is right for your quality assurance challenges and applications in our article, “How to Choose the Right Surface, Form and Contour Measurement Machine.”