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Discover the Right Surface, Form and Contour Metrology Solution for You

What metrology is best suited for the quality inspection and manufacturing benefits you need? From precision-tooled pistons, crankshafts and powertrains to turbine blades and orthopedic implants, ZEISS surface, form and contour measurement machines can:

  • Guarantee the functionality of a part as designed
  • Determine a part’s longevity of use and warranty considerations
  • Validate components with true sub-micron measurements for a tighter closed loop measurement cycle
  • Enable process improvement and control
  • Meet GD&T compliance on 2D contour measurements

This comprehensive picture of parts and components can position you as a leader in the market. With ZEISS’ complete and configurable line of surface, form and contour measuring machines, a whole new world of quality control and assurance is revealed.

Download our article “How to Choose the Right Surface, Form and Contour Measurement Machine” to learn more.