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Welcome to the ZEISS Metrology Shop that brings it all together.

Visit our online shop. Simply select your country ZEISS Metrology Shop and you will have access to the largest standard portfolio of ZEISS accessories, trainings and services on the market. ​

Quotes and orders made easy​

for probes, measurement accessories and eLearnings​

Don't waste time with orders! With our ZEISS Metrology Shop functions, you can easily find and order ZEISS metrology accessories and services online.​

  • Request a Quote​

    Request a Quote​

    Get a quote for an urgent order in just a few minutes. This saves you a significant amount of time for product comparisons.​

  • Product Favorite Lists​

    Product Favorite Lists​

    If you regularly need a quote for certain products or order them regularly, then the product favorites lists will save you a lot of time.​

  • Fast Quotes and Orders​

    Fast Quotes and Orders​

    With the smart Quick-Order Tool you receive quotes and you can place an order quickly. It is the perfect addition to your product favorites lists. ​

  • Availability and Delivery Times​

    Availability and Delivery Times​

    An integrated traffic light system quickly shows you whether the ZEISS product you need is available or what delivery time you can expect.​

  • ZEISS Metrology Credit​

    ZEISS Metrology Credit​

    ZEISS Metrology Credit simplify your company’s internal procurement process. Up to ten employees can order independently in the ZEISS Metrology Shop - up to a fixed maximum amount. ​

  • Share Shopping Cart with Colleagues

    Share Shopping Cart with Colleagues

    Get the opinion of your colleagues or the approval of your supervisor by simply sharing your shopping cart.​

  • Customized Styli​

    Customized Styli​

    Simply request your required individual special stylus from ZEISS. We can manufacture almost any option for you.​

  • Benefit from Promotional Actions​

    Benefit from Promotional Actions​

    Attractive offers are always available: for example free eLearnings or discounts on selected products in the ZEISS Metrology Shop.​

  • Easy Payment Methods​

    Easy Payment Methods​

    The ZEISS Metrology Shop accepts payment by credit card as well as purchase orders: Simply select when checking out of the online store.

  • Free Delivery ​

    Free Delivery ​

    All deliveries on orders from the ZEISS Metrology Shop are currently free of shipping costs throughout Europe. (In countries outside Europe this may differ.)​

  • Free Return​

    Free Return​

    If you are not satisfied with your order, you can request a free return of the goods in your account throughout Europe. (In countries outside Europe this may differ.)​

Note: not all functions are equally available and applicable in all ZEISS Metrology Shops in all countries. There may be deviations in the individual online shops.​

ZEISS Metrology Expert Tips

Video Series

ZEISS Metrology expert tips
ZEISS Metrology expert tips

ZEISS Metrology Expert Tips

Video series provides valuable expert knowledge.

Receive every two weeks - always on tuesdays - and exclusively in the ZEISS Metrology Shops valuable tips from our experts about ZEISS original accessories.

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