Mastering Quality

with ZEISS Innovations

The future does not happen it is made. We at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions keep innovating to lead the way to master productivity. Discover our latest releases of cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art software solutions at one glance.

ZEISS’ leadership in tactile measuring technology

Over 30 years we have been shaping the market with this technology and are proud to have launched the next generation of ZEISS PRISMO in 2023 – just to name one of the news that we hold for our customers.


When Precision Matters the Most

ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode
for Aerospace Applications

Destination: Precision and Speed 

ZEISS MultiLoad

The 24/7 automated loading solution for maximum throughput

The new ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2

The next-generation lightweight
3D laser scanner

State-of-the-art optical 3D quality solutions

Our customers rely on our expertise in a wide range of application fields and benefit from our growing portfolio. For capturing entire surfaces and parts with speed and accuracy optical 3D solutions are often first choice. Check out the specialists that we released just in 2023.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5

Modular Concept for maximum flexibility

ZEISS ScanBox for eMotors

Efficient Quality Assurance in the Production of Stators


The Specialist for 3D Scanning of Large-Volume Parts

Precise Magazine

Application & product highlights, customer stories and much more

Quality Software

Discover our Digital Innovations for Quality Control

With ZEISS Quality Software, you can easily and intuitively analyze your components and thus guarantee high quality in your production process. Data evaluations, analyses and reports – you can create these individually, across technologies and independent of the system. Take a look at how we keep pushing forward with new digital innovations.

ZEISS Quality Suite

One digital ecosystem

AI-based Defect Analysis

ZEISS Automated Defect Detection

Our defect detection software sets new standards by applying machine learning (AI) to computed tomography data. Learn more about artificial intelligence in X-Ray technology!

Measuring parts without fixtures

Virtual Clamping

Virtual Clamping in our metrology software simulates the clamping of parts and allows the user to compute the clamped state using the data of the real part in a free state.

Virtual Compensation of Warpage


Reduce scrap using powerful algorithms to compensate warpage on digitized parts. This makes it possible for the first time to realize over-constrained datum conditions without using mechanical fixtures.

Overall Quality Control of Finished Products

Digital Assembly

Create a digital twin of your parts and assemble individual parts centrally and digitally, regardless of where the parts were produced.

Learn more about GD&T


Discover GD&T functions in our 3D inspection software for a comprehensive analysis of dimensions, form and position by means of datum systems, fitting elements and tolerances.


Reporting and Quality Data
Management Software

A portfolio that grows with your needs

Our passion is to offer leading industrial quality solution – there is many more news that you might want to discover in the following section.

Computed tomography

ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan

The New Measure in the 450 kV Class

Industrial Microscopy

ZEISS Xradia 630 Versa

Expands the horizon of your failure analysis and quality control workflows



Exceptional CT image quality

3D Testing

ZEISS ARAMIS Adjustable 24M

Measuring stress and strain at the highest level of detail