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A New Lease on Life

Tire retreading company checks the quality of tire casings with ZEISS INTACT technology

Apr 11, 2019

Leading the Way with Measuring Technology

ZEISS is helping Xusheng successfully switch industries

Apr 11, 2019

Quality and process stability with the ZEISS METROTOM.

To ensure its manufacturing processes remain competitive in the future, a decision was made at company headquarters i...

Customer Stories Nov 23, 2018

Tags: Automotive

No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

WITTENSTEIN monitors the measuring room temperature with ZEISS TEMPAR

Customer Stories Sep 5, 2018

Tags: Automotive

Do you trust your measuring results?

Management at ZF Friedrichshafen puts their trust in ongoing AUKOM Management training programs.

Customer Stories Aug 8, 2018

Tags: Automotive

The Race Is Already Underway

Audi AG puts its trust in measuring services from ZEISS

Jul 26, 2018

ZEISS Software as the Key to Success

ODW-ELEKTRIK was so impressed by ZEISS NEO software that they decided to purchase a ZEISS CT scanner.

Customer Stories Jul 25, 2018

Tags: Automotive

"We Must Never Stand Still"

Trainings from ZEISS Ensure the Measuring Process at ZF

Customer Stories Jul 24, 2018

Tags: Automotive

Diamonds Are a Quality Manager's Best Friend

Automotive supplier scans parts with diamond styli

Jul 22, 2018

Quality Is Everything

New Volkswagen production facility performs in-line inspections with the ZEISS AIMax

Customer Stories Jul 21, 2018

Tags: Automotive

Pole Position for Quality

Müller Präzisionsteile simplifies the process of changing styli

Jul 20, 2018

ZEISS ACCURA reduces measuring time

Peter Wahl Metall- und Kunststofftechnik speed up their measurements with ZEISS.

Jul 19, 2018

Even the Machines Are Flexible

Volkswagen accelerates quality inspection in engine production

Customer Stories Jul 3, 2018

Tags: Automotive

Less Consumption, More power

High demands on the measuring equipment and operators

Customer Stories Jul 3, 2018

Tags: Automotive

A Total System Solution

Automotive supplier IAC relies on Carl Zeiss for measuring technology and documentation

For perfect Gap and Joints

ZEISS T-SCAN Laser Scanner captures highly precise Data at BMW

No Time to Lose

Advancing eMobility with the high-precision ZEISS PRISMO ultra

Precise Process Control

Bosch Automotive Steering is speeding up tool development with the high-precision laser scanner LineScan from ZEISS