Routing Material Guidelines

For Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

As supply chains become more global and complex, it is important that purchase orders are fulfilled on time using the ZEISS approved transportation method to assure that your products arrive as expected. To make it easier for you to fulfill our orders, each purchase order includes a “Delivery Date Day” which is the date that item must arrive in our plant. Using this date less transit days to set your shipment date will assure that your products arrive on time to meet the 100% on-time delivery expectation.

Routing material guidelines for Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

Selecting the ZEISS-required transportation provider is now easier as designated freight methods and carriers are located here. On each purchase order, there is a reminder to check here to determine the transportation method and third party billing information. Selecting the approved transportation method and provider and referencing the PO number on all bills of lading is important to eliminate the need to charge back costs for un-approved transportation. If you have questions on the approved transportation provide, please contact the logistics team at st off @zeiss .com.

Maple Grove, MN Freight Lanes


  • PO must be referenced on all shipping documents otherwise payment will revert to the shipper.
  • Bill to: Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC
    c/o Accounts Payable
    2900 E. La Palma Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92806
  • You are responsible for complying with all local country export laws and regulations. 
  • Do not add insurance with the carrier.

To allow for customs clearance in the U.S. the following must be correct:

  • Commercial invoice in English showing USD $
  • Country of origin cannot be "EU" and must show country where products are made (e.g., Germany).
  • HAZMAT TOSCA certifications must be included at time of export.  
Ship From Country Less than 68 kgs Greater than 68 kgs - Ocean Greater than 68 kgs - Air Greater than 68 kgs - Truck
CA  Canada Fed Ex (1) NA NA King Solutions (5)
CH  Switzerland Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2)
CN  China Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2) NA
DE  Germany Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2)
FR  France Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2)
HU  Hungary Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2) NA
IT  Italy Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2)
JP  Japan Fed Ex (1) EMO TRANS (3) EMO TRANS (3) NA
KR  South Korea Fed Ex (1) Expeditors (2) Expeditors (2)
MX  Mexico Fed Ex (1) NA NA Transcon (6)
US Domestic Fed Ex (1) NA Fed Ex (1) CH Robinson (7)

Carrier Contact Information

  1. Fed Ex: FedEx Activation Desk at 866-883-9290 or 800-GO-FedEx
  2. Expeditors for various regions:
  3. EMO TRANS: Hitomi Kitamura at (81) 3-5777-2881   hitomi .kitamura @emologistics .jp 
  4. King Solutions: Joe Myers joe .myers @kingsolutionsglobal .com T 763-657-8465 and carl zeiss @kingsolutionsglobal .com
  5. Transcon: Sean Haug at 651-905-8650   sean .haug @expeditors .com 
  6. CH Robinson: carl zeiss @chrobinson .com

Sample export documents can be found at