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ZEISS FalconEye

Optical measuring technology with RDS and ZEISS FalconEye for car body constructions

Optical measuring technology for car body constructions

These days, the automotive industry has less and less time to develop new vehicle models. This means proven solutions have to be combined with the latest technology. With ZEISS FalconEye, it is now possible to also use the same technology as that of the ZEISS EagleEye navigator on stepping, articulating probe holders.

ZEISS FalconEye


Fast inspection in car body construction

In car manufacturing, countless elements such as boreholes, sections or threaded bolts have to be measured, including the finished vehicles themselves.

For new vehicles, parts must be analyzed quickly and accurately. The requirements are very challenging and inspections are extremely time-consuming – particularly for serial inspection. 

ZEISS FalconEye optical sensor system, which is modeled on the technology of ZEISS EagleEye navigator, overcomes these challenges, as it can be additionally used on stepping, articulating probe holders.

Optical measuring sensor with RDS for car body construction

Flexible positioning

Through the utilization of an additional manual rotary axis, ZEISS FalconEye can be positioned in three angular settings with very accurate repeatability, permitting the laser line to be aligned relative to the part. Therefore, the sensor provides users with an outstanding system to quickly and accurately complete their jobs. The new ZEISS FalconEye system has also been optimally integrated into ZEISS CALIGO software package.

To obtain the required measuring results quickly and easily, the sensor has to be optimally integrated into the overall system. The RDS-CAA stepping, articulating probe holder is ideal because only a few single positions have to be calibrated, but all angular settings are available for the application. This enables a considerable reduction in measuring times.


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