We provide service packages tailored to your needs to ensure maximum reliability and optimal performance throughout the service life of your coordinate measuring machine.

Software Service

Software services

A software maintenance agreement for coordinate measuring technology is the right way to guarantee your quality over the long run.

This service delivers direct access to application know-how, software support and the latest software versions. Every software maintenance agreement is comprised of the following features:

  • Dedicated support level for your software questions
  • Consultation from our application experts
  • Ongoing software updates
  • Free access to our Metrology Portal and our ZEISS Community
  • Important software service packs available for download on our Metrology Portal as soon as they become available
  • Assistance with the installation of software releases, options and service packs
  • Teleservice software to help us quickly identify and troubleshoot your problem
Service Packages

Hardware service

We ensure that your coordinate measuring machine is always operational. Regular maintenance and calibration improves service life, reduces the costs of ownership and increases reliability – our hardware service is filled with benefits. 

  • Basic calibration service

The calibration process determines the accuracy of the measuring machine. Minor errors can be corrected via mathematical compensation.

  • Enhanced calibration service

Enhanced calibration Service covers activities such as calibration, electronic alignment, visual inspection and corresponding corrections.

  • Complete calibration service

Complete Calibration Service also includes checking and aligning all mechanical and pneumatic systems such as drive and air bearings. This comprehensive service package provides peace of mind and ensures optimal inspection results. You benefit from a longer service life, reduction of unscheduled repairs and lower maintenance costs. 

  • Combined services

The modular design of our service offering gives you the opportunity to combine or adapt various modules. Choose one of the services and combine it with, e.g. a software or hardware maintenance agreement. This is the best way to invest in long-term security. Contact your regional partner to learn more.