Jul 22, 2020

New Head of Global Support

with lots of experience

Author Falk Moehr Falk Moehr works at ZEISS for more than twelve years. He was mainly working for the Medical Technology segment and came to SMS in April this year.

Dear Customer,

my name is Falk Moehr and I am the new Head of Customer Support. We will be working closely together in the future.

Before I have joined ZEISS in 2008 I've worked ten years in R&D in the area of short puls laser development and IT. In ZEISS I switched to Service and covered several positions with local and global responsibilities. The major target was always not to accept the status quo. But to listen to the voice of our customers and to identify systematically areas of improvement. That helped a lot to push the “easy of doing business” maturity in service.

Today, I see the following as my personal target for the SMS Support and Service for the next three years: Based on the importance to provide professional support in our business environment we have to develop the organization in a way that you can easily use the “partner of choice” criteria if you call ZEISS.

We have invested already a lot in the last two years, especially in the spare part hub concept but we are of course not there yet. In the past six months we have launched more than 20 virtual training units to ensure the high level of training in the time of travel limitations due to the pandemic and started a digital initiative to support installations and 2nd level requests.

Actual focus areas are improving the spare part quality and aligning the processes along the value chain to ensure a high quality in case that parts are locally needed. Especially a review of the specification with the dedicated supplier and a combination of incoming and outcoming inspection will help to support this in midterm. Besides we are working strongly to align our service portfolio to capture all requirements to also offer in future “best in class service for mask solutions”.

If you would share some comments or thoughts with us: We are always happy about your feedback.

All the best,

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