Jul 14, 2021

New Solutions for EUV and Repair convince Market

ForTune EUV and PRT conquer the photomask market

Two new ZEISS systems win the photomask market with ground-breaking technologies: The registration and overlay system ForTune EUV and the particle removal tool PRT were successfully delivered to first two customers.


The novel ForTune EUV is a mask tuning system improving wafer overlay for EUV technology, based on mask registration or wafer intra-field overlay input. The newly developed system enables tuning for EUV masks with low backside coating mask transmission by well controlled deformation of the EUV mask bulk material. The core technology is a laser-based process of the mask bulk, no direct multilayer treatments. Each deformation element can be described as pixel and each pixel can be described by mechanical property. More ForTune EUV systems will be delivered in 2021.

Particle Removal

PRT is pushing physics to absolute limits with its ability to mechanically eliminate nanometer-sized defects from photomasks, blanks as well as pellicles. An electron beam collects and lifts away particles with a microscopic tip – particles so tiny that an electron microscope is just about able to detect them. This creates an adhesive bond that makes it possible to remove the particles – without the photomask suffering any collateral damage. Furthermore, the shipment of PRT is easy and fast as it comes in three boxes only. The first move in at the customer site was finished after four hours. We look forward to be even faster during the next move in which will start soon.

Interested in a Demo?

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