Feb 8, 2021

ZEISS at virtual SPIE Advanced Lithography

Consider the ZEISS contributions during the conference

SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference starts virtually next week, from February 22-26. It is a pity that we cannot meet you in person this year to discuss latest technologies and results, but we would like to take the chance to highlight some of our contributions.


Our valued partner ASML presents a paper titled “Particle Removal Tool to repair particle defects on EUV reticles” (Paper 11609-22). In this paper they focus on successful defect removal for EUV reticles without collateral mask damage. Furthermore they review Sn defects by SEM and show the lovely benefits of material analysis by SEM-EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray).

We would like to draw your attention to another joint paper with Global Foundries called “Excursion Prevention by Edge Placement Error reduction due to overlay improvement using Photomask Tuning” (Paper 11611-64). The paper shows how the reduction of intra-field overlay and CDU by using ForTune mask tuning is able to dramatically reduce the EPE hotspots and thus helps to prevent pattering failure and yield striping.

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