Connect to Productivity, also @home Optimize measurement plans remotely - with free ZEISS CALYPSO Offline Package

Now, for a limited time, ZEISS is offering a free ZEISS CALYPSO offline package, so that you can optimize your measurement plans from home and simulate any measurement processes remotely. This way you can stay productive no matter your location.

This ZEISS CALYPSO free offline package is only for existing ZEISS CALYPSO users, it is valid until June 30th, 2020 and offered exclusively for the ZEISS CALYPSO software product family.

Your advantages

Access to the ZEISS CALYPSO functions

Access to the ZEISS CALYPSO functions anytime and anywhere

Calypso planner speed

Quick and easy access to licenses and software enabled by the ZEISS Portal

Calypso planner comfortable

Individual adapted package for the functional options your business requires

ZEISS Offline Package details
  • 3 Month access to ZEISS CALYPSO planner

With ZEISS CALYPSO planner, you can create complete CNC measurement plans at a remote computer station. The PLANNER saves the finished measuring program. This can then be accessed and executed again with ZEISS CALYPSO at any time.

+ your specific optional licenses

  • 3 Month access to ZEISS CALYPSO simulation

In addition, with ZEISS CALYPSO simulation you have for example, the ability to configure the required stylus systems by using the integrated virtual stylus kit. Fixtures and entire changer racks can also be loaded and integrated into the simulation. The automatically generated travel paths can be inspected, and potential collisions can be quickly and easily corrected. Even if a collision occurs during the simulation, you benefit from the OFFLINE station by saving significant costs.

Additional offerings

Online Training

Do you want to improve your skillset or just refresh your ZEISS CALYPSO knowledge? Then simply take part in our online training for ZEISS CALYPSO planner and ZEISS CALYPSO simulation:

  • Duration of the training: 2 hours
  • Training focus: ZEISS CALYPSO planner & ZEISS CALYPSO simulation
  • Separate question time takes place one week after training session – Duration: 1 hour
  • The training takes place online
  • The Online Training is for free
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