ZEISS eMobility Solutions

A One-Stop Shop for E-Mobility Quality Assurance and Control

What new quality assurance concepts are required to accommodate a move toward e-mobility automobile components? ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is responding with ZEISS eMobility Solutions, metrology and inspection technology that provide seamless quality assurance for the entire powertrain in electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

E-mobility has increased the need for new measuring tasks — from contact measuring jobs and optical measurements to X-ray microscopy. ZEISS eMobility Solutions has you covered with a portfolio of equipment that provides unique holistic quality inspection solutions for all electric vehicle components:

  • Battery — ZEISS utilizes light, electron, x-ray-microscopy and computed tomography (CT) systems, as well as coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), to deliver the relevant data to enable battery safety and performance for electric vehicles.
  • Power Electronics — ZEISS non-destructive X-ray inspections and metrology solutions in the micrometer range benefit the quality control and failure analysis workflows of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and connectors.
  • E-Motor — ZEISS produces tactile and optical measuring devices that can qualify the precise production and assembly of hairpins and stators, as well as the manufacture of the stacks in the stator and rotors, and even help electric motor manufacturers set up their inspection chains.
  • Transmission — ZEISS ensures top performance, low wear and tear, and quiet operation of electric vehicle powertrains with either a single-speed or two-speed transmission, and consults with manufacturers to design ideal quality assurance systems.

ZEISS eMobility Solutions is the only one-stop shop for research and development, production control and systematic quality control for electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

ZEISS eMobility Solutions — Discover our comprehensive quality assurance portfolio for all electric vehicle components

Effective quality assurance ensures that every component in an electric vehicle is verified before rubber meets the road. Read more about ZEISS eMobility Solutions’ quality assurance guarantee in our article “From Energy to eMotion — Electric Vehicle Inspection Overview.”