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Metrology and Inspection Solutions for the Entire Electric Vehicle Powertrain

The move toward e-mobility in the automotive industry is impacting engines and powertrains. Electric vehicle manufacturers face increasing precision demands that challenge the quality assurance process. What advanced techniques and control technologies can ensure the reliability, efficiency and safety of these vehicles?

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has anticipated which part characteristics are critical to success and is now providing holistic quality assurance inspection for electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle parts. With ZEISS eMobility Solutions, ZEISS’ diverse portfolio will leave you well-equipped to handle any measurement or inspection challenge for batteries, power electronics, e-motors and transmissions. ZEISS reporting and quality intelligence software also evaluates and visualizes the smallest deviations in all components of e-mobility.

ZEISS eMobility Solutions is also a complete package that includes consultation. Contact us and we’ll identify specific quality demands and subsequent needs. A ZEISS eMobility Solutions team will then customize a perfect inspection solution for your manufacturing program.

ZEISS eMobility Solutions enables seamless quality assurance for the electrification of powertrains. Would you like to know more? Download our article “From Energy to eMotion — Electric Vehicle Inspection Overview” to learn more about the quality assurance solutions for your or any e-mobility application.