ZEISS O-INSPECT — Multi-sensor CMM

Application Versatility with Optical & Contact Measurement in One Machine

Do your manufactured components and parts require a quality assurance program with multiple measurement capabilities? ZEISS O-INSPECT multi-sensor measuring machines optimally measure every characteristic you need with both optical and contact sensors.

ZEISS O-INSPECT’s combination of the ZEISS Discovery.V12 telecentric zoom lens, adaptive illumination system and ZEISS DotScan chromatic-confocal white light sensors enable the non-contact capture of workpiece topography. ZEISS VAST XXT is a highly-precise contact sensor that captures a considerable number of points in a single pass, creating informative statements on form and location. The combination of these sensors delivers a true multi-sensor measurement machine.

With ZEISS O-INSPECT you gain application versatility for a variety of parts in many different industries, including:

  • Electronic connectors and PCB boards
  • Plastic housings, connectors and nCPAP generators
  • Watch micro-parts and accessories
  • Aerospace turbine blades and impellers
  • Automotive gear wheels, valves, connection rods and crankshafts
  • Medical nCPAP generators, knee implants, screws, insert cups and bone plates

With ZEISS O-INSPECT’s optical and multi-sensor sensors you gain scans with probing forces in the millinewton range. Compare these measurement capabilities with other multi-sensor measuring machines that only permit single-point measurements. The measuring machine is also compliant with ISO 10360 standards at a temperature range of 18–30° C without compromising software functionality.

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