ZEISS X-Ray Inspection Solutions

Reveal the hidden secrets of your parts by making the invisible visible

Science, research and development have always been driven by a desire to understand the unknown. That desire has led to advancements in X-ray inspection technology that reveal a manufactured part’s hidden secrets. The invisible is made visible by the ability to capture, analyze, measure and inspect internal structures quickly and non-destructively, while also exposing any defects and imperfections. These completely new possibilities in quality assurance result in significant added value for your company.

ZEISS X-ray technology has provided perfect insights into part quality and process control for years. Our X-ray solutions reveal what would otherwise remain hidden from even the most watchful of eyes — cavities, warpage, residuals, pores, inclusions and cracks. Defects that would cause product recalls and result in enormous costs can be avoided. ZEISS X-ray technology enables 100% certainty about the quality of your components and workpieces.  

Don't guess. X-ray it.

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