Digital Assembly in ZEISS INSPECT

Digital Assembly In ZEISS INSPECT

Assemble individual parts centrally and digitally

Optimize your process control

Your shop floors are situated in several different locations and yet you would like to carry out an overall quality control of the finished product? With its digital assembly feature, ZEISS INSPECT offers a way to assemble individual parts centrally and digitally, regardless of where the parts were produced.

In assembly, the analysis typically involves checking:

  • How well different parts from production fit together and if they can be assembled without any problems.
  • How well an individual part from production (actual) fits into the CAD model (nominal) of the assembly.

Identify challenges early

During conventional assembly analyses, the parts are held in the required position by fixtures and then measured. ZEISS INSPECT digitally assembles your parts – you can compare any produced part from production with the CAD model as well as with other real parts. This way, you ensure that parts produced on other production sites or parts from different suppliers can be assembled as well.

Digital assembly improves your assembly process sustainably and challenges become visible at an early stage. You also optimize the assembly situation based on gap and flush dimensions.

Digital assembly analysis

During the simulated interactions in ZEISS INSPECT, you can inspect the parts and perform gap and flush analyses, for example. Moreover, any risk of collision can be identified and avoided.

All in a single project

Using ZEISS INSPECT enables a holistic quality process. Position adjustment, alignment and evaluation of each part or the entire assembly can be realized in one project.

ZEISS Academy Metrology: Advanced training in metrology
ZEISS Academy Metrology: Advanced training in metrology

eLearnings and classroom training

Would you like to learn how to use digital assembly optimally? In the ZEISS Academy Metrology, you will find various offers for this purpose.

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