Quality Assurance  for eMobility

Quality Assurance for eMobility

Reliability and efficiency for all components

Your one-stop quality assurance range for electric vehicles.

Your partner for quality assurance of electric vehicles

Rapidly growing demand on the global market for new energy vehicles (NEVs) is putting more pressure on manufacturers and suppliers. Core components such as batteries play a particularly vital role in terms of the output, range, structure, and safety of these vehicles. Quality assurance must master new challenges while preventing production bottlenecks.

With over 1,000 customers in the global electric vehicle sector, ZEISS is one of the leading partners for this dynamic and evolving industry. From research to production and from Xray microscopy to non-destructive computed tomography (CT), its solutions deliver the efficiency, reliability, and safety that electric mobility demands.

Every component, every application in eMobility

Battery. Electrifying mobility


Electrifying mobility

Batteries are crucial to the long-term performance and range of electric cars. From R&D to production, the monitoring of properties down to the level of the materials, electrodes, cells, modules, and tray ensures the success of battery technologies.

 Electric Motor. Power through precision

Electric motor

Power through precision

Compact and light, yet capable of high speed and torque. Components must fit precisely to generate maximum power with minimal wear. Precise production and assembly of the hairpins and stator are a key challenge in the latest motor generation.

Fuel Cell System. Sophisticated supply

Fuel cell system

Sophisticated supply

Provides all energy powering the electric motor, with many cells arranged in series and connected in the fuel cell stack. Its construction process demands the highest quality standards in the production and development of each individual component.

Power Electronics Energizing the vehicle

Power electronics

Energizing the vehicle

Power electronics control the flow of power between the battery and the electric motor. Multi-scale quality monitoring of semiconductors, PCBs, and finished modules is essential for boosting component efficiency and reliability.

Transmission: Compact powerhouse


Compact powerhouse

Electric vehicle powertrains feature a single- or two-speed transmission that shares a housing with the motor. Quality requirements remain high, with multiple measuring and inspection steps needed for top performance, low wear, and quiet operation.

Extra insights into quality assurance for eMobility components

  • ZEISS eMobility Solutions – from energy to eMotion.

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  • Your one-stop quality assurance range for electric vehicles.
    ZEISS eMobility Solutions – from energy to eMotion.
  • Let’s talk about something fresh & new
    #measuringhero (Episode 4)
  • Let’s talk: NEV!
    #measuringhero (Episode 18)
  • Battery Deep Dive
    #measuringhero (Episode 57)
  • Battery Deep Dive Part 2
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Fully charged with ZEISS eMobility solutions

OEMs and battery and electric motor suppliers rely on ZEISS solutions

  • 50

    ZEISS supports OEMs and suppliers around the globe with over 50 solutions tailored to quality assurance in e-mobility.

  • 15

    More than 15 of the top 20 OEMs for electric vehicles rely on ZEISS eMobility Solutions.

  • 1000

    ZEISS has developed multiple e-mobility solutions to help over 1,000 customers improve their quality management.

That’s why we have to perform constant checks from incoming goods to the fully assembled part: What is the bending behavior of the wire, does the geometry fit, is the paper insulation layer positioned between the hairpins and the sheet metal package, do the welds fit?

Georg Knoll

Head of Inspection Laboratory, GROB

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A Comprehensive Portfolio for Certainty and Productivity.

Manufacturing technology from GROB is used by more than two thirds of all manufacturers of electric cars. The Bavarian family-owned company has earned this market leadership role mainly through its rigorous quality standards. That is why GROB has relied on the comprehensive portfolio from ZEISS for many years.

eMobility: Measuring technology from ZEISS provides the key for series production

eMobility: Measuring technology from ZEISS provides the key for series production

ZEISS and VW have been working together to develop a new measuring solution for hairpin stators

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