Coordinate measuring machine clamping and holding fixtures

​ZEISS OmniFix is a comprehensive line of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) fixtures designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of CMMs. These fixtures are available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any application, making them a versatile solution for any CMM user.

Difference between Clamping & Holding​

Difference between clamping & holding​

Exact, stable positioning before and during the measurement is decisive. Even changes in the μm range affect the results. Workpieces are either clamped or held depending on the situation. Here is the difference between the two:​

Clamping: Temporary securing of a part in a defined orientation and position using force closure. Clamping fixtures are used in measurement technology whenever probing forces take effect or machine movements can influence the position of the workpiece (e.g. active damping).​

Holding: Bringing a body into a defined position without exerting force. Holding devices are usually used in optical measurement technology or for CT applications (see VDI Directive 2860).​

ZEISS OmniFix CMM Fixtures​

ZEISS OmniFix CMM Fixtures​

ZEISS OmniFix is a comprehensive range of coordinate measuring machine fixtures that improve the accuracy and efficiency of CMMs. These fixtures are available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any application, making them a versatile solution for any CMM user. ​

One of the main advantages of ZEISS OmniFix fixtures is their ease of use. These fixtures are designed to be quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, enabling efficient measurement processes. They are also extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of part sizes and shapes. Recognizing the importance of these factors, ZEISS has developed a broad portfolio of universal, standard, modified and special fixtures to meet the requirements of various CMM applications.​

ZEISS OmniFix fixtures are built to last and are made of high-quality materials and construction to withstand the rigors of daily use in a production environment. They are also highly precise, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements every time.​

In addition to the devices themselves, ZEISS also offers a range of accessories that can be used to extend the functionality and versatility of the devices. These accessories include clamps, adapters and holders.​

CMM Pallet Systems​

CMM pallet systems​

Pallet systems are an efficient solution for automating the loading and unloading process of parts on ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines. With pallet systems, multiple parts can be loaded onto a pallet and measured in a single program. This saves time and increases productivity, as well as reducing the risk of human mistakes.​

Pallet systems also allow for unattended operation, freeing up operators to focus on other tasks. Additionally, pallet systems can be customized to fit specific part sizes and shapes, further optimizing the measuring process. Overall, pallet systems are a valuable tool for maximizing efficiency and accuracy in CMM operations.​

The ZEISS THETA pallet system can be used for tactile gantry and production measuring devices. Pallets are available with or without bore grid. Bore patterns are available in different sizes and grids. This allows you to easily adapt your own fixtures or clamping devices.​

ZEISS Pallet cabinet​

ZEISS pallet cabinet​

Several aligned pallets save valuable time. To ensure that the pallets are stored safely and well when not in use, you can store them in the specially designed pallet cabinet.​


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