Software Training

Software Training

Tailored to your needs

We offer several-day basic, advanced and expert training courses covering our software packages ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D, ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray etc. Customer-specific trainings are available upon request.

Our Trainings take place in our ZEISS Metrology Centers as well as on-site and is trailored to your needs – your machine and your sensor configuration (e.g. contact, scanning, optical, laser, CT). Our global training concept ensures standardized content. Customized, on-site training is also available upon request. Contact us to discuss what type of training best fits your requirements. 

Training offers

  • CALYPSO and options (e.g. curve, freeform surfaces, PCM, reporting)
  • ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D
  • ZEISS INSPECT Correlate
  • PiWeb
  • ZEN core
  • GEAR PRO and options (e.g. involute, bevel, worm & rotor)

Software training course locations in the US

We offer training at twelve convenient locations around the country. Our courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications, giving you an opportunity to apply your knowledge and practice what you have learned. We offer several-day basic, advanced and expert training courses on CALYPSO metrology software, AUKOM (principles and foundations of metrology), and specific trainings on options. Our facilities are designed for easy learning, with large screens, dedicated stations and the ZEISS technologies you use.

Facility information, onsite technology, and recommended hotel options.

Remote Training
Remote Training

Become wiser. Anywhere.

Live online trainings at ZEISS ACADEMY METROLOGY

The ZEISS Academy Metrology offers numerous training courses and content that are individually tailored to your needs and level of knowledge.

Take your skills to the next level