ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode For Aerospace Applications

Precision and speed

Next-level productivity in aerospace

Quality inspection of engine components like blades and blisks is vital. Yet, it is also expensive and time-consuming, accounting for 20 % of the total production cost and 25 % of the total production time. Any means of speeding up the measurement process without compromising accuracy promises significant savings for the aerospace industry – which is where ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode for Aerospace Applications comes in.

Always on point

Available for ZEISS PRISMO 7/12/7 fortis, ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode for Aerospace Applications comprises a pair of options known as ZEISS VAST Rotary Table Axis (ZVRA) and ZEISS VAST Rotary Table (ZVR) as well as a dedicated application support package if required. ZVRA boosts accuracy by providing a swift definition of the axis of the rotary table, while ZVR promotes faster movement of the rotary table and, thus, faster measurement.

Operating requirements include the active scanning head ZEISS VAST gold, the new ZEISS controller C99m, safety laser scanners, the rotary table RT-AB-600, and 315 mm or 400 mm face plates featuring a triple reference with three rolls. These new face plates harmonize the radial distances and the rotational pattern of the screw holes. ZEISS can also supply dedicated clamping systems and a customized automated loading system to support high productivity and increased efficiency in the process.

Your benefits

  • 70% faster performance of the blade and blisk measurement

  • Cuts measuring and setup time and slashes costs in essential area of quality inspection

  • Targeted application support included and ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement available

  • Up to 70 % time saving compared to standard scanning parameter

  • Easy preparation of measurement plan and processing of results in ZEISS CALYPSO

  • Automatic speed reduction mechanism for safety and productivity

The three components of the ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode package

ZEISS VAST rotary table axis

ZEISS VAST Rotary Table Axis (ZVRA) defines the axis of the rotary table, providing an essential basis for accurate and reliable measurement. Where axis definition previously involved six single-point measurements, ZVRA performs one continuous movement in a fraction of the time. What sets this new method apart is that the sensor moves along a track at an even height, meaning that the process consists of a single smooth motion with no unnecessary travel. By offering considerable time savings, the ZVRA encourages the more frequent definition of the rotary table axis and, therefore, further boosts accuracy, safety, and productivity.


ZEISS VAST rotary table

ZEISS VAST Rotary Table (ZVR) enables faster movement of the rotary table, which in turn means faster measurement times. As workpieces are measured on different levels, the higher rotation speed supported by ZVR results in significant efficiency gains.

While angular speeds were formerly limited to 50°/s, ZVR achieves 220°/s if the moment of inertia is below 1 kg·m². ZVR works with the safety laser scanners, automatically triggering a safety mode if a hazard is detected. The reduced speed ensures productive and responsible operation if the issue persists. The standard speed is automatically enabled once the hazard is resolved.

ZEISS CMM Acceleration

Application support

ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode for Aerospace Applications includes a dedicated application support package for even more customized deployment if needed. Services include adjusting detection parameters and machine parameters, such as the acceleration ramp of the individual X, Y, Z, and RT axes. These parameters are, therefore, tailored to specific measurement and application requirements based on specific geometrical and physical issues.

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