Precision in All Probing Directions

Thanks to a unique combination of technical features, the ZEISS RST-P touch-trigger sensor enables a wide range of applications and delivers high precision in all probing directions.

  • Dynamic capture of measurement data
  • High accuracy in all probing directions
  • Compatible with the horizontal arm CMM ZEISS CALENO


RST-P delivers the same accuracy in all probing directions

Fast and dynamic capture of measurement data

This sensor is known for its fast and dynamic capture of measurement data through single-point probing, free from stylus bending and mechanical hysteresis.

ZEISS RST-P works according to a dual principle. This means it delivers the actual probing pulse from the Piezo-electric elements located in front of the kink point. The three-point bearing also serves as a mechanical kink point that verifies probing and protects ZEISS RST-P from damage caused by contact with the workpiece and collisions.

Moreover, the deflection forces caused by the bearings and direction do not influence the measuring result: ZEISS RST-P delivers the same accuracy in all probing directions. Special calibration is not required for slanted measuring or probing jobs.

In the automotive, engineering, tool-making and mold-making industries, this sensor is the best solution for linear measurements on prismatic parts or fast point sequences on any surface.

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