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100 years is just the start

2019 is a very special year for us – it commemorates 100 years of the first measuring technology presented by ZEISS in an industry fair: the iconic ZEISS Screw Gauge in the 1919 Leipzig Spring Fair. We haven’t looked back ever since, by supporting our customers wherever the highest level of precision is required and by setting industry standards for over 100 years to help our customers manufacture a better future. It has been an exciting journey, and we are thrilled about what is coming up next.

To celebrate our 100-year anniversary in the industry, we would like to invite you to Connect to Productivity.

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Find out more about our connected portfolio of Hardware and Software products that accepts no compromises in precision even in the production line; discover our new ZEISS eSolutions approach for quality assurance for an electric vehicle’s complete drivetrain including battery; make the invisible visible with our X-Ray Series portfolio, which takes non-destructive inspection, metrology, and analysis to a new level.

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