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This was CONTROL 2018

Our Review

Be sure: whether in the lab, the measuring room or in production. Whoever wants to ensure efficient and reliable quality assurance
processes needs more than just inspection and measuring systems. ZEISS offers you customized holistic solutions and the peace of
mind that comes with having an experienced partner by your side. Now and in the future.

Software & Digital Solutions

How can we collect our quality data effectively?
And display the data in a user-friendly way?
And access the data anytime, anywhere?

From standard geometries to freeform surfaces and volume data – ZEISS has the right application software for any measuring job. The software for quality data management provides informative reports and an overview on machine condition. With new digital solutions from ZEISS, you can keep track of your measuring and inspection systems and access from anywhere by smartphone via cloud. So you keep track of your measurement and test systems and work more efficiently with partners.

Solutions for the Quality Lab

How can we solve all our measuring jobs reliably?
And with maximum efficiency?
And how do we keep track of the acquired data?

No matter the measuring job, ZEISS has a solution to meet your needs – from microscopes for quality inspection and defect analysis to multisensor measuring machines for measuring size, form and location as well as surface parameters without reclamping. ZEISS accessories and products for organizing the measuring lab round off our portfolio.

Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Processes

How do we ensure the quality of 3D printing?
From powder all the way to finished product?
And what is the best inspection solution for us?

ZEISS offers the perfect solution for each step in the additive manufacturing process – from material inspection of the powder all the way to final inspection of the finished workpiece. This is the only way to implement process improvements within the entire value-added chain for 3D printing while also ultimately increasing the number of in-spec parts.

Solutions for Production

How can we perform reliable measurements in production?
And thereby increase throughput?
And easily analyze the acquired data?

Find the right solution for you – from manual all the way to fully automated feeding systems for greater efficiency and increased process reliability. Suitable software is used to visualize, assess and analyze quality data at the Control Center. You can now keep an eye on your measurement data and monitor the status of your measuring systems no matter where you are.