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To be successful in highly competitive markets, manufacturers need to explore innovations that boost efficiency and productivity while ensuring top quality. The team at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has developed a number of new technologies and products that bring measuring machines out of the lab to the production floor – a strategy that is proving successful for customers across several industries.


ZEISS Car Body Solutions

Quality Control Loops: The key to greater productivity in car body construction. The collected data form closed, quality control loops with ZEISS PiWeb and helps with the identification of future trends in production.

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Use your measurement data efficiently: save at least 50 percent of the needed iteration loops in the injection moulding tool correction process and get earlier to your start of production with ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING.


Thanks to optimized air bearing integration, floating ZERODUR® scales and thermal bending corrections, ZEISS PRISMO fortis guarantees maximum precision at temperatures up to 37°C (optionally 40°C). And there is no loss of measuring volume even when using an automated loading system because the optional U-shaped granite table is at the same height as the loading system.

*available from November 2019

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Additional Products in this Area

ZEISS AIBox 3000

The robot-based inspection cell enables automated 3D-scanning for precise at-line quality control and is optimally configurable for individual production conditions.

The measuring machine eliminates the need for fixe gauges. ZEISS DuraMax is also the right choice for rough enviroments at temperatures between 15°C and 40°C. ZEISS CALYPSO preset ensures simple offse and quality measurement: from the electrode to the workpiece and the clamping system.

A master in every discipline: perfect for optical and tactile measurements with premium sensors for outstanding performance. The multisensor family from ZEISS delivers 3D precision you can count on.

Turn your microscope into a metrology device. NEO pixel offers the operator comprehensive measuring functions for precise measurement data at a microscopic scale.

ZEISS Stemi 508

With outstanding contrast and color accuracy, a largefield of view and a well-balanced 3D impression, Stemi508 is your all-rounder stereo microscope for optical inspection in industrial environments.

The hand-held laser scanner for intuitive 3D data capture: it allows high dynamic range, data rate for quick scanning on a variety of surfaces and dynamic referencing for measurements on moving objects.


The universal measurement software for freeform surfaces will be presented with new 2019 features: flush & gap measurements, radius measurement and improvements in CAD import.

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